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Why Men Need To Retreat

A quick google search will present you with a diverse array of Bali wellness retreats, yoga retreats, fertility retreats, detox retreats, even hen’s retreats. For men on the other hand, the options are significantly less accessible. It may lead you to believe that women need to retreat more than their male counterparts. Yet in fact, all recent research findings would suggest the opposite to be true.

Over the past decade, stress, depression, anxiety and suicide levels have all risen in the male population all around the world. Men are in fact more susceptible to depression and anxiety brought on by stress than women are, and are more likely to isolate themselves rather than seek help. Deaths from suicide occur among males is at a rate three times greater than that for females. Today in Australia alone, six men will take their own lives, with an average of 41 male deaths by suicide every single week. That’s some pretty scary statistics.

Women in general are more likely to seek assistance and support when it comes to their overall health and wellbeing. Men on the other hand are far more likely to deal with issues on their own, spurred on my the pressure of society and the media to ‘man up’ when faced with a challenging situation. While women are likely to communicate and open up to other women in social situations, men will often do the opposite and gloss over the more serious issues in their lives in order to avoid an uncomfortable scenario. Studies show that men are also more likely to turn to drugs, alcohol or sex when it comes to avoiding what’s really going on inside.

Chances are, we all known men in our lives who are stressed, perhaps unhappy, or in general need to some down-time and reflection. A recent study found that exercise, socialisation, and mindfulness practices were the most beneficial factors in helping men to avoid or deal with stress and depression. Evidently, men can certainly benefit from the benefits that a retreat offers. A wellness retreat can be an enjoyable and powerful way for men to reconnect and rejuvenate in a supportive and uplifting environment.

For over a decade now, we have welcomed more than 6000 women on retreat to Escape Haven. With the launch of The Palm Tree House, our brand new sister boutique retreat, we decided it was time to open the door to men who also need and deserve the opportunity to unwind in paradise. We have also had a great deal of feedback over the years from guests who would love to go on retreat with their partners, and this is also now possible at The Palm Tree House!

While three Palm Tree House villas remain exclusive women-only sanctuaries, one of our beautiful villas is now open to men, women and couples. The stunning co-ed villa sits one block back from Canggu’s most famous surf beach and hosts up to seven guests at any one time, affording guests plenty of solo time, alongside the promise of connecting with other like-minded visitors. While retreat weeks are inclusive of 6 nights, a 4 night minimum stay also allows for shorter breaks- perfect to jet off for a long weekend of pure relaxation!

At The Palm Tree House both men and women can settle into a healthy routine of their choosing. Luxurious private accommodations, deliciously nutritious meals, invigorating yoga sessions, stunning cultural excursions, and indulgent spa pampering are included in each retreat. Add on packages are also available that highlight the region’s primary focal points: surf, yoga, fitness and spa. The villa offers a safe, inspiring and welcoming space for guests to regain wholeness and vitality on every level.

As the need for men to unwind, connect and regroup becomes increasingly important, we are excited to launch this new venture, offering a stress-free oasis for both men and women to come as they are and enjoy the best that Bali has to offer.

With week-long packages starting from just $1495, there is no easier way for men to treat themselves to a little tropical getaway where massages and mojitos are all in a day’s work! Find out more at www.thepalmtreehouse.com or send us an email for more information.

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