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How a Retreat Strengthens Your Relationships


We love welcoming friends and family on our Bali retreat. Something very special happens when you join a retreat with someone you care about. It isn’t like a normal vacation. You are in a foreign land side by side, trying new activities, meeting new people, experiencing exciting new places and diving deeper into your own unique soul. A retreat can test relationships, but ultimately, it will bring a level of understanding and connection that is very specific to the retreat experience. If you are weighing up the decision to retreat with a friend, sibling, your mother, daughter, or any other close female companion in your life, read our insights below on how a retreat can benefit your relationship.

A Deeper Level of Understanding

Every week on retreat, the group comes together in miraculous ways. What begins as a group of complete strangers from all over the world, merges over 7 days to form a close knit group of friends who stay in contact long after the retreat ends. With such close relationships forming with people who have only just met, when women come on retreat who know one another, these bonds deepen quickly. Often, the one-on-one time together, without other family or friends around, allows you quality time to really connect. A retreat triggers our emotions and asks us to open up, and in this place of vulnerability, we share on a deeper level. We find that when women come on retreat together, their time organically allows for greater intimacy and understanding. It is also an experience to look back on and treasure forever.

A Greater Level of Respect

Not all women who retreat together select the same packages or have the same goals. Often times, mother and daughters will join retreat and a good deal of the time is actually spent apart as they pursue their own passions and meet their own needs. A retreat offers you a great amount of personal freedom to explore both inner and outer terrain! While you may plan to spend every moment side by side, you may find that when you are on retreat, you actually require different things. You come to respect that one another are there to fill unique dreams and goals, and you can share the excitement and support another on the journey. This extends far beyond the retreat experience so that despite the different trajectories life takes you in, your bond remains strong.

More Awareness of Your Similarities

One thing that stands out on every single women’s Bali retreat is that despite our differences, there are underlying similarities that unites us. As women, we share a bond that exists naturally, and our experiences in life, while they may appear different on the surface, are actually very much the same. There are common threads that tend to appear on retreat- loss of a loved one, broken relationships, changes in occupation, life transitions- these are experiences that as women, we all connect with on a deep level. Women that join us together on retreat may have known one another for a lifetime (or it feels that way!) They often have things in common already, yet in a new land, with new surroundings and experiences, the surface level similarities give way to a more profound connection. On our luxury women’s retreat, we see new parts of people that we may have known forever, and we understand that there is a more intrinsic connection that unites us.

People Who Retreat Together, Stay Together

Sound cheesy? It’s true! We always receive emails from guests that shared a retreat with their friend or family member about how it strengthened their relationship and brought them closer together. This is most common between mothers and daughters. The relationship between a mother and daughter is one of the most special and sacred relationships we experience in life. As adults, being friends and actually choosing to spend your time with your family is such a beautiful thing, and can be rare too. You may wonder how seven days on a Bali retreat can really be so profound, well, you have to trust us!

Beyond Retreat

While these points are specific to women who share the retreat together, a retreat also has the power to strengthen all your relationships, not just those you share your week with. Going on retreat allows you that special time to disconnect, rejuvenate and fill up your own cup. You have time to miss the people in your life! You have time to reflect on how special they are and how much you value what they bring to your life. A retreat allows you to reconnect with yourself in ways that help you to be a better person. When you feel nourished, nurtured, energised and revitalised, you have more to give to the people in your life. When we are worn out, overworked, disconnected and unhappy, all of our relationships suffer. We could share countless stories of how a retreat saved a guests marriage, sparked a brand new relationship, or reunited people after years of estrangement. A retreat reminds you of the things in life that truly matter. It reminds us that the relationships we have are worth treasuring.

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