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How to Get the Most Out of Your Retreat

Make the most of retreat

You’ve booked the ticket, taken time off work, completed your to-do list and packed your bags. Often, the lead up to going on your Bali retreat is quite a bit of work! Which makes it even more important to get the very most out of your luxury retreat Bali experience. We have many guests join us who are really in need of some decent downtime, and yet, with so many things on offer, they tend to fill up their schedules without giving themselves the time to truly relax and retreat. The key to getting the most out of your Bali retreat is to know exactly what you’re looking for in your time away, and finding balance. Of course, what you think you need, and what you feel like when you arrive on retreat may be different! Every moment and every day is an opportunity for you to check in and follow what feels right for you.

If you’re preparing to join us, or have a retreat on your bucket list for the future, these simple tips will help ensure you get the most out of your retreat and return home feeling rejuvenated, enlivened and having met the goals that you had in mind for your time away in paradise.

Take Time to Drop In

Arriving at retreat is different for each guest. Perhaps you were already travelling through Indonesia and only had a short drive from one location to the next. Or, more likely, you have had a day of planes, airport lounges, changing time zones and airplane food! If it also happens to be your first time in Bali, getting used to the different climate and finding your way through customs and to your awaiting driver can also be quite taxing. Once you arrive on retreat, there is no longer anything you need to do. The team is on hand to welcome you with a cold drink and healthy snacks, a massage is likely awaiting you, and a cool, air-conditioned room is ready just for you. You also have the option to arrive on retreat one day prior to the retreat start date which also allows you that extra time to find your feet and get comfortable in your new surroundings. Taking this time to land and feeling truly ready to dive into the week is important, so do what you can to have a smooth arrival.

Be Open and Drop Expectations

You may have spent months conjuring what your time on retreat was going to look and feel like! Hopefully, your expectations will be exceeded! However, letting go of what you think the week will be like, and simply remaining open to truly being present in each and every moment, is the best way to make the most of your time away. The opening circle is the perfect chance to meet your fellow retreat guests and your lovely support team. Here you can share as much or as little as you like about what brought you to retreat and what you hope to gain from the week. Your consultation with your host also offers you time to really dive in and gain clarity around what you wish to get out of your week and allows you to plan your extra activities and sessions. Reeber that you can always add more sessions later in the week, so try not to overcrowd your schedule and fill up your days with back to back sessions! Think of pool time, siesta breaks and shopping adventures as part of your schedule too!

Listen to Yourself

That sounds simple, right?! Well, you may find that in daily life, we have learned to block out that inner voice and prioritize the seemingly more urgent ‘to-do list.’ Sound familiar?! On retreat, away from responsibilities and titles, you have the chance to reconnect with that inner voice. Play with tuning in to that voice and know that you are under no obligations. Everything is optional. If you are here to rest, allow yourself to rest. If you are here to explore, then explore. Reconnect with that sense of childlike enthusiasm that comes with being in the moment. Relish in what it feels like to wake each day with a clear canvas that is entirely your own to paint. This sensation of freedom can feel a little strange at first! As women, we have an innate sense of inner flow and guidance, when we connect with that, we connect with synchronicity and life seems to develop a magical quality.

Allow Yourself to Disconnect

Does the concept of ‘disconnecting’ raises little alarm bells in your mind?! Well, maybe you need it the most then! It’s become second nature to pick up our devices when we find a pocket of idle time. Here on retreat, challenge yourself to move away from that pull. Be fully present with the sounds, smells and stunning beauty that surrounds you. Allow your senses to truly open up and allow the online world to take a back seat. As much as we sometimes don’t like to admit it, your family, friends, home and work WILL cope without you for a week. You are likely to find that you feel far more alive and in tune when you are not controlled by devices. Again, it can take time to feel at peace with not checking emails and notifications, but the more you can switch off from the outside world, the more you can reconnect with yourself, and your purpose for being on retreat.

Allow Yourself to Trust

Coming to a foreign land, especially if you are travelling alone, can be unnerving. Once you are familiar with your surroundings and feel safe and at home, then you can allow yourself to open up and dive in without trepidation. Like anything in life, the more you give yourself on retreat, the more you will gain from your experience. Be open to new opportunities, allow yourself to fully relax in your spa treatments, trust that the team have your very best interests at heart and are there to support you on your retreat journey. Away from our familiar safety zone, it can be challenging to open up and feel vulnerable. Being on retreat can trigger all kinds of wild and interesting emotions! Knowing that you are safe and supported will help you to break through barriers that are holding you back, not just on retreat, but in life in general.

Say Yes!

Is your auto-response a no in life?! Don’t worry, it happens! Comfort zones are a lovely place, but as the saying goes, nothing grows there. On retreat you are presented with a plethora of new choices and challenges- from standing up on a surfboard, to trying new foods, to experiencing unique healing treatments, to meeting new people and adventuring to new locations. Challenge yourself to try new things and bust through limiting patterns that prevent you from stepping fully into life. This is the ultimate opportunity to practice the word yes and prove to yourself that you can overcome fears or roadblocks. Again, this is a lesson that you can take back home again with you. Many guests contact uspost-retreatt to say that their time away gave them the courage they needed to launch their own business, move to a new location or say yes to a new relationship. The world is your oyster.

Carve Out Some Time For You

This may be something you get very little of back home! If so, at first it can seem odd being on your own and silence can be something we try to consistently fill. Reconnecting with yourself, with your soul, is one of the most precious gifts of retreat. This quiet time allows you to check in- What’s working in your life? What’s not working so well? Are you on the right path? Are you seeking change? A retreat naturally raises questions for us to ponder. Many women join us at a transitional time in their lives, and this reflective time can offer great clarity and answers. On retreat you remember that the most important relationship you have in this lifetime is the one with yourself. By filling up your own cup, you have so much more to give back to those around you. Time for yourself is a necessity in life, so enjoy every precious moment!

And Enjoy Time With New People

While solo time allows for self reflection, time with new people, especially other women, also offers us a mirror and a way of seeing ourselves through new eyes. On retreat, no matter where the group is from, what age they may be, or what circumstances life has taken them in, the women all develop close bonds and mutual understanding. We come to realise that as women, we do share a connection that is sacred. Time with other women helps to place our problems or issues in perspective. Laughter and tears from every retreat! The women you meet on retreat will most likely end up continuing to have a place in your life. So make the most of the opportunity to meet new like-minded people and allow yourself to just be yourself and feel accepted just as you are.

Ease Yourself Back Into the Real World

When your retreat week comes to an end, try and make your transition back to the ‘real world’ an easy and enjoyable one. Landing from a long haul flight and heading straight into the office isn’t really advisable (this happens!) Take some time to integrate your time away and set yourself some goals that you would like to continue once you are back home again. A retreat is a great way to gain clarity and establish new healthy routines, so make an action plan so you can continue to make the most of your retreat from anywhere in the world. You may not be the same person you were when you arrived in Bali- retreats can usher in massive transformations. Allow yourself the time to integrate and be gentle with yourself. It takes real concerted effort to break away from routines and relationships that may not serve us. Try not to make any major life decisions off the back of a retreat (unless they really feel right for you!) Sometimes, taking a special token or gift to yourself back home from retreat can be a lovely and powerful way to remind yourself of the lessons and insights you gained.


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