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A Day in the Life at Escape Haven

Day on Retreat

An Escape Haven Bali retreat is about filling up your cup and allowing yourself a week of indulgence and bliss. This looks different for every woman that comes through our doors. While some guests arrive seeking a quiet refuge to unwind, relax and rejuvenate, other women come seeking a week of action, exhilaration and exploration. A great deal of care, attention and planning goes into each and every Bali retreat week. While the schedule is set to some degree to allow for a smooth, flowing, seamless week, you also have the freedom to customize your week depending on your preferences, desires, goals and needs.

Upon arrival on retreat, an initial consultation with one of our experienced and friendly western hosts allows you to plan out the days that stretch ahead before you and gives you the opportunity to ask questions, book in additional sessions and treatments, and familiarize yourself with your surroundings. From here, the week is in your hands! Each day is a new invitation to listen to your inner voice and embrace the things that fill up your heart and soul. Support is always on hand and everything is always optional.

Below is an example of what a typical day on your luxury Bali retreat may look like.

7am – Rise and Shine!

Wake from your deep and restful slumber to the sounds of nature and gentle golden sun rays sneaking their way into your private retreat suite. Take your time to rise before meandering through the lush gardens and grounds to the open air yoga shala. If you are on the surf package, your surf adventure begins at 7am, departing for the best surf break of the day after enjoying a delicious breakfast in the open air dining area. If you are on the fitness package, your fitness sessions start at 6.30am which allows you to enjoy your workout in the garden or by the ocean while the day is still cool and tranquil.

7.30am – Yoga Time

For those on the yoga or Ayurveda package, the first yoga session of the day is at 7.30. Enjoy a blissful meditation to the sounds of nature before moving into a gentle yet invigorating morning practice. Our experienced yoga teachers will cater to your unique needs and skill level, adjusting the practice and poses accordingly. Our yoga teachers are full-time members of our team and are with your throughout the full retreat week, always on hand to answer any of your yoga-related questions and help you deepen your yoga journey.

9am – Tropical Breakfast

Feeling completely blissed out and enjoying your ‘yoga high,’ make your way to breakfast where a buffet spread and cook-to-order options are all available. Feast on fresh tropical Balinese fruits such as mangosteen, papaya, pineapple and rambutans. Enjoy homemade mango pancakes, freshly cooked eggs your way, a selection of healthy granolas, local artisan bread and delicious sweet and savoury spreads. Smoothie bowls, chia seed pudding and delicious frittata are some of the daily changing options. Fresh juices, gourmet coffee and a selection of hot or iced tea is always on hand. Enjoy connecting with your fellow guests and your yoga teacher who also joins you for your morning meal.

10am – 12.30pm – Spa, Exploration & Free Time

Between breakfast and lunch you are welcome to fill in this time as you please. Daily or unlimited spa treatments are included in all retreat packages, so often these hours may include a massage, facial or your choice of treatment from our extensive spa menu. All spa therapies are administered by our professional spa team who have years of experience delighting women with indulgent and rejuvenating treatments!

For those seeking a deeper, more transformative experience, guests can also select from our range of dedicated healing sessions. These include options such as Reiki, Theta Healing, Tarot Reading, Heller Bodywork or Weight Loss Treatments. These sessions are all deeply therapeutic and guests rave about the insights, benefits and transformation that these sessions offer.

Additional private yoga classes or personal training sessions can also be organised. Those on the yoga and Ayurveda packages enjoy unlimited yoga at our two highly regarded partner yoga studios in Canggu. These studios offer a great variety of classes including Hatha, Vinyasa, Aerial Yoga, Yin, Kundalini, Tantra and more. Those on the fitness retreat package also have unlimited access to Canggu’s brand new luxury gym where you can work out in air-conditioned comfort with state of the art fitness equipment.

Sound like too much hard work?! You may opt to simply lounge by the beautiful pool with a good book, take a dip to cool off, spend time with your fellow retreat guests, or opt for time out in your beautiful private sanctuary room! Everything is optional allowing you to retreat your way.

12.30 – Vibrant Lunch

Lunch time is always a time for celebration! Meals on your Bali retreat are full of colour, flavour and nutrition. Our professional therapeutic chefs delight in creating dishes that are as delicious as they are good for you. All dietary requirements are catered to and lunch meals may include delicious soups, huge abundant vibrant salads, freshly cooked seafood, or western favourites with a twist such as healthy jackfruit tacos, nori sushi bowls, and even a very special ‘High Tea’ on the final day. This is a great chance to catch up with the other women on retreat and hear all about their amazing surfing adventures, that interesting Tarot reading, or the great boutique shop someone discovered down the road! Your western hosts enjoy lunch time with you allowing you the chance to ask any questions or just enjoy conversation and their insights into Canggu and what its really like to live in Bali!

1.30 – 5.30pm – Shopping, Siestas, Sightseeing & Sunsets!

The afternoon hours are another wonderful opportunity to fill as you please. There is a great range of fun additional options to choose from such as horse riding, stand-up paddle boarding, Balinese cooking classes, silver jewelry making and so much more. Complimentary options also include unique cultural activities such as a trip to the famous Tanah Lot temple, or even a specially curated private shopping tour through the best boutique stores in Canggu and Seminyak for those seeking some therapy of the retail kind!

Another unique option that is perfect for the afternoon is an Ayurveda healing session. Our Ayurveda treatments are administered by our highly experienced Ayurveda expert Anantari. These treatments utilise age-old wisdom and practices designed to heal and balance body, mind and spirit. Traditional, hand-blended oils and medicinal herbs are used in the sessions, and the treatments offer a wide variety of benefits.

Many women also enjoy the opportunity to explore the local area. Bicycles are on hand so that you can enjoy cycling around Canggu- enjoy that Eat Pray Love moment as you ride through the surrounding lush rice fields! Canggu is an eclectic mix of boutique shops, healthy cafes, luxury day spas, beautiful beaches, funky art galleries and creative local markets. There is plenty to see and do and drivers can easily be organized if you would prefer an air conditioned chauffeur! The sunsets from Echo Beach are also something you must experience whilst on retreat!

5.30pm – Extra time for Zen

The afternoon yoga classes are open to everyone on retreat. These classes have different themes throughout the week, but are primarily a little more on the yin-restorative side. Enjoy sinking into a tranquil, supportive environment and watching the afternoon light fade as you move towards your final pose of svasana. The sounds of the surrounding lush gardens and tropical Balinese jungle offers an incredible soundtrack to the late afternoon yoga session! Of course, the afternoon session is always optional in case you prefer to enjoy a little extra pool time or a pre-dinner pampering session.

7pm – Time to Feast!

All delicious dinners are included on the bali retreat apart from night nights where you get to discover some of the incredible local eateries that Canggu is famous for. For the dinners enjoyed on site, meals are abundant and delicious. Some examples of the nightly menus include Beef Redang Curry, Grilled Snapper with Avocado Salsa, traditional Indonesian Nasi Campur, Tofu and Vegetable BBQ Skewers, Nasi Goreng or Fish Curry. You can view more about our cuisine here. If a glass of wine or vibrant cocktail takes your fancy, drinks are also available to order. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert! From traditional favourites such as creme brûlée, to gluten free, dairy free homemade chocolate mousse, our desserts really are the icing on the cake of your retreat day! Enjoy relaxing in the cool Balinese night air, with great conversation and plenty of laughter. Dinner times are always relaxed, comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable.

For the dinners out, most weeks the guests choose a restaurant and eat out as a group. However, you are also welcome to wander off and explore as you please, or allow the butlers to order a meal in for you- most of the wonderful restaurants in Canggu all deliver- so if a movie night and dinner in sounds like heaven to you by mid-week, this is your chance!

9pm – Flower Baths, Herbal Tea & Sweet Dreams

Evenings are generally left open for guests as we find that the long, full days usually inspire early nights. Of course, guests are always welcome to venture out into town or relax with a wellness bath which is a complementary ritual for those who have a bath in their private retreat room. The wellness bath includes a butler-drawn flower bath, essential oils, tranquil music, herbal tea and an optional pre-slumber massage. This is the perfect way to close your day!

You may simply like to read (we have kindles that can be reserved by guests), enjoy time with your fellow retreat guests, or if you’re feeling like a little more action, we are always happy to suggest some top spots to experience Canggu’s nightlife!

Enjoy a deep, restful slumber in your private air-conditioned sanctuary and get ready for another fabulous day on your Bali retreat!

Your Escape Haven Bali Retreat offers a luxury wellness experience for body, mind and soul

We invite you to experience our award winning Bali retreat. If it’s time to fill up your cup and reconnect with yourself on a deeper level, we’d love to help you rejuvenate, unwind, reawaken and experience the very best of Bali. Dive into transformational yoga and meditation classes, exhilarating surf lessons in the warm waters of Bali, fun Bali fitness retreat classes and restorative Bali healing retreat sessions. How much or little you do is all up to you.

Take a look at our wellbeing retreat packages and luxury Bali retreat accommodation options. We’d love to hear from you and help you plan your memorable and transformative retreat in paradise.

If you’re looking for a more affordable and flexible women’s retreat Bali, you should check out our other surf and yoga retreat. The Palm Tree House is a value based option to our Escape Haven retreat. Enjoy the offerings of any other Bali luxury retreat, but with more flexibility and less inclusions. Read more here.

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