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Our Yoga Teacher’s Daily Wellness Routine

Day in the life yoga teacher

On our Bali Yoga Retreat we have three full-time yoga teachers that make up part of our professional and highly experienced team. This means that they are there alongside you throughout your retreat week to support you, guide you, and answer all those yoga-related questions that you may have been contemplating for some time now! No matter where you are on your yoga journey – whether you are brand new to the mat and the wonderful world of yoga asana, or if you are more experienced and looking to deepen your practice in new ways – our yoga teachers can adapt all classes to suit your skill level and goals.

Having a daily yoga practice can assist your life in myriad ways. Physically, a daily yoga practice can help keep you strong, flexible and agile. Mentally, yoga can assist you to stay mentally alert and focused. Emotionally, yoga is a terrific tool to help us to stay grounded, balanced and uplifted. While spiritually, the practice of yoga can offer us a space to meet our inner self on a deeper level and stay connected to our higher purpose.

Of course, you can gain tremendous benefits simply by committing to a yoga practice once or twice a week if a daily practice seems a little daunting! Remember that a yoga practice needn’t look the same every day either – even 10 or 15 minutes of movement, breathing and meditation counts!

If you’re looking to create a daily wellness routine, or shake your current one up a little, take a peek at the day in the life of one of our treasured wellness professionals!

What does a day in the life of our professional yoga teacher look like?!

I normally wake at around 6 or 6:30am as this is when my dogs wake up and decide that I should also be getting up to!

I always start my morning with a big glass of lemon water to rehydrate after a long sleep. Then I love to start the day down at the beach taking my dogs for a walk. If the water looks inviting I will always try and go for a swim too- I find this is the best way to wake up! If time allows and I don’t have a busy morning ahead, I will spend some time simply sitting at the beach and meditate a little, or as much as my dogs will allow me to! As you may have guessed, my dogs pretty much run my life! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After the beach, the dogs and I will head home and my boyfriend and I always do our best to have breakfast together before we start our days. Being in Bali, I love to have a big fresh coconut and a pink dragon fruit for breakfast as they are my absolute favourites and are so full of flavour and colour! I have a very light breakfast as I like to practice yoga in my garden afterwards. Each day is a little different and the kind of flow I do is based around the Elements.

After yoga and depending on what the rest of my day looks like I like to try and meet up with a friend for lunch or a coffee and if it’s my day off I always treat myself to a massage or some sort of pampering because one, I deserve it and two, I live in Bali and massages are a weekly must here!

I find that the best way to finish off a day in paradise is by catching the amazing sunset. Here in Canggu, the beach is such a magical time at dusk and the sunset, no matter the weather or time of year, is always a delight. Then I will head back home to enjoy a delicious dinner with all my beautiful Bali family! Either we will cook ourselves, or head out to one of the wonderful restaurants in Canggu- we are very spoilt for choice here!

I am a very keen sleeper so always try to get to bed early to ensure that I feel fresh and ready for the next day ahead.


What does your daily routine look like?! If you’re looking to shake things up and create some new healthy habits, a retreat is the perfect way to say farewell to the things that are not serving you, and offer you inspiration and motivation, as well as the tips and tools you need, to step into the life you dream of. Creating wellness routines or healthy daily habits are a wonderful way to practice self-love and self-care. As our yoga teacher says, you deserve it! So make time for yourself and even if your daily wellness routine looks like a 5-minute meditation and quiet cup of tea before the world engulfs you, you will still benefit greatly from it.

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