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The Benefits Of An Annual Retreat

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There are many things we do (or are advised to do!) annually such as going to the dentist, getting our car serviced, or having a check up with the local physician. We do these things because we know that regular maintenance can help to avoid more serious issues later down the track. There are also many things that are simply great to do on a regular basis, from getting a massage, to doing a cleanse, to taking a yoga class. These things again, help keep us healthy, strong, agile and mentally clear and balanced. Making a Bali wellness retreat an annual occurrence in your life has a tremendous array of benefits- not only can it help you to look and feel amazing all year round, it can literally add years to your lifespan as the positive effects of the retreat trickle into your daily life on an ongoing basis.

The concept of an annual vacation isn’t at all new. Perhaps even if you think back to your childhood you will remember piling into the family car and driving a few hours to your local seaside location for a week of fun and relaxation. The wellness industry is witnessing a significant trend towards people shifting this annual vacation, towards a wellness vacation, or at least, a vacation with a wellness twist. More and more, we are waking up to the importance of taking care of ourselves, and doing so in a way that is fun, enjoyable, indulgent, inspiring and with benefits that last long after the vacation itself.

At Escape Haven, we welcome many guests back on retreat each year. Our alumnae are incredibly invested in their health and wellness, and they know first hand how powerful an annual Bali retreat can be.

One of our lovely guests Julia returns to Bali each year from her home in Switzerland. After her recent fourth retreat, Julia stated:

“When I have this glow in my face, people know that I must have returned from paradise recently. I call it the Escape Haven effect. The first time, it felt like a dream – but it is real, and every time I return, it feels like coming home. I discovered my personal paradise three years ago. Since then, I’ve returned there (at least!) once a year. An annual Escape Haven retreat is the best gift you can give to yourself. It allows me to reconnect with myself: on one hand, I appreciate the valuable me-time, and on the other, I enjoy getting inspired by new friends. I often take one question with me on retreat, and I usually come back with a strong feeling for the next step.”

So, what are the top benefits of an annual Bali retreat?


Being on retreat is one of the most powerful ways to reconnect with ourselves on a deeper level. Away from the labels and obligations as mother, daughter, sister, colleague, wife, partner, neighbour and more, you have the chance to just be you! It is so easy to lose that special connection with the busy nature of daily modern life. When you take the time to reconnect to yourself and fill up your cup, it enables you to go back to your day to day life with greater patience, clarity, strength and love. You have more to give, and that enables you to fulfil the roles you do have to your very best ability and from a place of joy, not obligation.

Physical Wellbeing

No matter what retreat package you choose on an Escape Haven retreat, you have the opportunity to enjoy daily yoga plus the option to add a plethora of other physical activities to your week such as surfing, personal training, a hike up Mt Batur, shopping trips, private yoga classes, gym sessions, horse riding, stand up paddle boarding and more. The retreat week also includes delicious healthy meals designed to be gently detoxifying and filled with vibrant nutrients to help you feel your very best. On top of physical movement and a healthy diet, the spa treatments on retreat are also not only blissful, but incredibly therapeutic, designed to detoxify and support every single important system in the body. An annual retreat offers a beautiful opportunity to take care of your physical body on a deeper level, clearing out the old and helping you to thrive.

Mental Health

Many women that join us on retreat are seeking a chance to switch off, unwind and rejuvenate. With literally thousands of thoughts cluttering our brains every single day, a retreat is the perfect way to really get that mental space that we crave and need but very rarely find. We may catch snippets of this peace in daily life through meditation, yoga or nature, but on retreat, you have a long duration of time to sink into this quiet space where thoughts have no place. You can let go of your need to be connected to the digital realm, and just be. This is a huge gift and the benefits of this are not something we usually contemplate. Being ‘switched on’ 24/7 is a relatively new way of operating as a human being, and it is not how we are designed to live. Our brain and body need this downtime to process and it enables us to let go of built up stress and anxiety and find a place of balance. Taking a week out of each year to disconnect, helps you to feel more in control of your life, and offers you the reminder and tools you need to carry this place of peace and tranquillity into your daily world.

Emotional Health

A retreat is emotional in its very nature- it pushes you out of your perceived comfort zone and opens you up in new and exciting ways. A retreat is an incredibly powerful way to deal with all of those emotions that we try and bury deep within us. You may think that you have dealt with the passing of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, a change in job or home, when really, those emotions are just lurking below the surface, holding you back from reaching your full potential or tainting your life and relationships in various subtle ways. Travel, yoga, healing sessions, meditation, being around new people- all of these things help to open us up and deal with trauma or old baggage. Leaving retreat, guests always comment on how they feel lighter- and it’s true, these emotions we hold onto are heavy! Having space to clear out the old and welcome in the new on an annual retreat is the perfect way to care for and support your emotional wellbeing. Best of all, you are in a supportive and nurturing environment with the guidance and care of professionals.

Goal Setting & Life Purpose

New year resolutions are the perfect example of how powerful it can be to set annual goals and intentions. Of course, new year resolutions don’t always have the power and purpose that we wish they did. Being on retreat is the perfect place to set new goals for yourself. Having come through a week of healthy eating, physical exercise, exploration, adventure, self-care and tuning into your own needs, this is the perfect time to set goals for how you want your life to look when you return home again. An annual retreat offers you a reset button where you can pause and look at what is working, what isn’t working, and what you truly want from your life. A retreat allows you the distance and reflection to really reconnect with the things that are important to you and your life path. It is so easy to stray from these things and to end up later down the track wondering how you got to be where you are! A yearly check in keeps you on your path and enables you to set goals, reach goals, and stay focused on the things that really matter.

A Beacon of Light

Booking an annual retreat enables you to have that reminder when times are tough, that you have something special to look forward to. That email confirmation in your inbox is there for you to read over any time you feel down, lost, flat or uninspired with life. Having a retreat to look forward to each year is your special gift from yourself, to yourself. Knowing you have that incredible week to look forward to can often make the tricky patches in life more bearable. Just like you looked forward to that annual vacation as a child, knowing that your retreat is on the horizon allows you to work hard, stay focused, and know that you have some beautiful downtime to look forward to and treat yourself with.

Anti Ageing & Longevity

Anti-ageing is important to all women- no matter how old you may be! We hear so many reports from our guests after retreat who tell us that the people in the lives couldn’t believe how much younger they looked after a week away. We see the difference every week in how women arrive and then leave a week later positively glowing, looking a decade younger. Of course, it makes perfect sense- a week of sunshine, relaxation, spa treatments, yoga, meditation, vibrant cuisine- the week is designed to offer your body, mind and soul everything it needs to positively thrive. Another huge factor when it comes to anti-ageing and longevity is sleep. Getting enough sleep is one of the primary factors when it comes to our health and wellness. On retreat, we go to great lengths to ensure that your bedroom is an absolute sleep sanctuary. Six nights of uninterrupted deep sleep is sure to take a few years off you! The best part is that you return home from your week away, deeply rested, well and enlivened, with all the wisdom and tools you need to continue these healthy habits in your everyday life. Perhaps you introduce a weekly yoga class or start your own meditation practice. Maybe you give your diet an overhaul and start eating more fresh plant-based foods. The benefits you gain on retreat don’t only last a week, these positive habits continue and help you to focus on the things that do contribute to a long and healthy life.

Variety is the Spice of Life

You may be thinking, ‘Well, I’ve been on retreat once before, why do the same thing again?’ One of the greatest things about an Escape Haven Bali retreat is that every time you come, you have the ability to create an entirely different experience. You can easily change your package so your entire retreat shifts focus- if you tried surfing your first time, you can try fitness, yoga or Ayurveda healing. Perhaps your previous retreat was one filled with relaxation, plenty of pool time and extra spa pampering, which means you focus more on adventure next time with a hike up Mt Batur, a cycle through Ubud, or a surfing adventure to a private island! With so many activities on offer and so much flexibility and freedom to customise your retreat as you please, you can never exhaust the possibilities for variety! It is absolutely impossible to fit everything in that we offer in one week! Coming back each year allows you to try different healing sessions, different activities and tours, not to mention the fact that we are always adding new options to the retreat experience! You can choose to stay in a different room, each retreat you will be surrounded by an entirely different group of women, and every time you return you will be in a different place within yourself with distinct needs and preferences. No retreat is ever the same, and for our guests that return annually, they state they get better each and every time!

Best Price, Best Inclusions, Best Deal

Of course, treating yourself to an annual retreat has many physical, mental and emotional benefits. One final thing to mention is that when you book your retreat in advance each year, you also gain amazing perks and inclusions and the very best price. As alumnae, if you book your next retreat 30 days after your time with us, we have a one-time-only special offer. We also have amazing deals for when you book 3 months or 6 months in advance- these special prices and inclusions are on top of all the regular perks and goodies that you receive as an alumna. At Escape Haven, we do all that we can to help make it easy for you to make an annual Bali retreat a reality. Payment plans are also on offer to help you pay for your retreat over a longer period of time. Booking in advance also ensures that you can book flights at the best price, and that you can secure your favourite retreat room! Once you experience the benefits of your first retreat, it becomes easy to say yes to an annual wellness break. Best of all, these benefits don’t only affect you, they trickle into the lives of all the people that you know and love. An annual retreat allows you to give the world the best of you, not what is left of you.

We truly believe that every single woman deserves an annual retreat where you have the opportunity to take that special time to check in, reset and find harmony and balance again. Just as you make the time for those other annual events each year that you know are important, try placing your retreat on that list. We believe that one week is all it takes to flourish, transform and regain your inner vitality. When you take the time to do this each year, these powerful transformations trickle into your everyday life and encourage joy, wholeness and peace in every aspect of your world.


Your Escape Haven Bali Retreat offers a luxury wellness experience for body, mind and soul

We invite you to experience our award-winning Bali luxury retreat. If it’s time to fill up your cup and reconnect with yourself on a deeper level, we’d love to help you rejuvenate, unwind, reawaken and experience the very best of Bali. Dive into transformational yoga and meditation classes, exhilarating surf lessons in the warm waters of Bali, fun fitness classes and restorative healing sessions. How much or little you do is all up to you.

Take a look at our wellbeing retreat packages and luxury Bali retreat accommodation options. We’d love to hear from you and help you plan your memorable and transformative retreat in paradise.

If you’re looking for a more affordable and flexible women’s retreat Bali, you should check out our other Bali luxury retreat. The Palm Tree House is a value based option to our Escape Haven retreat. Come and enjoy the offerings of a wellbeing retreat, but with more flexibility and less inclusions. Read more here.

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