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The Best Tip To Booking Your Bali Retreat

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If you’re reading this right now, chances are the idea of a luxury wellness retreat in Bali appeals to you- right?! Perhaps you have visited this website several times and scrolled through the information and images, picturing yourself amidst the tropical scenery. Maybe a retreat in Bali has been on your bucket list or vision board for years now. You may have even gone so far as to take a peek at flights, send off an inquiry with a certain question, or pencil a date into your diary. For some reason or another, your desire for a retreat in Bali most likely got shuffled down your to-do list as life crept in and ‘more important’ things took priority!

After running luxury women’s retreats in Bali for over a decade, and welcoming over 6000 women through our doors, we want to share with you the number one tip for making your Bali retreat a reality and not just a dream- booking your retreat in advance.

Maybe you were expecting something different! Yet we see time and time again that booking in advance is the best way not only to ensure you do in fact manage to come on retreat, but you also create the circumstances to ensure you have the best retreat experience possible. There is a current tendency in our modern fast-paced world to do everything last minute. We have become a very noncommittal society! Does the thought of booking anything in advance make you uncomfortable? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  However, this tendency is often to our own detriment; we either never end up doing things we want to do, or we overpay for them and don’t have the time to prepare properly for them when we jump in at the final moment.

Of course, we are all different. Some personality types do still love organisation and preparation. And studies have shown that when we set goals and create actionable steps towards them, this is by far the best way to achieve these goals. Other personality types love living life on a whim and spontaneity often leads to those goals being achieved in a more ad hoc manner. When it comes to setting goals and reaching goals, the topic of self-worth also comes into play- ‘Am I really worthy of a retreat in Bali?’ Has that question run through your mind?! OF COURSE you are worthy! We believe that every woman is worthy of the benefits that a week of wellness and pampering and rejuvenation in tropical paradise offers. Getting beyond this hurdle, knowing you are deserving of this opportunity, and setting a real goal with actionable steps sets you up to step on that plane!

So what are the real benefits of booking your Bali retreat in advance?

Looking forwards

Think about how as a child there were certain things you looked forward to for months in advance- like your birthday or Christmas or the school holidays. As adults, and with the nature of modern life, we tend to live much more day to day. Having something on the horizon to look forward to helps us get through those rough patches that pop up for all of us. When you have that email confirmation of your luxury Bali wellness retreat tucked safely in your inbox, you can open it any time when you’re feeling a little lost or flat. Many women who join us on retreat are in transitional stages of their life where they are a little unsure of what the future holds. We also welcome many women who are grieving- the loss of someone they love, a job they have left, a life span they have moved on from, a relationship that has ended. Sometimes, just knowing that you have a nurturing retreat in the not-too-distant-future is a beautiful light that helps you when the tunnel feels dark and long.

The Best Deal

We know that when we book concert tickets, festival tickets, workshops, conferences, etc that we are rewarded for booking early by paying a better price, right? Yet how often do we snatch that early bird price? Or how likely are we to wait, knowing we really want to go and most likely will go, but wait until the last minute and pay top dollar for the experience?! The same is true of booking your retreat. Did you know that if you book in advance you receive tremendous early bird savings and special inclusions at Escape Haven? You are rewarded when you book 3 months or more in advance, and if you book 6 months or more in advance these rewards are even greater! After a decade of welcoming women on retreat, we know that booking early helps guests to reach their goals and make the very most of their retreat experience. Any ‘guilt’ that comes with gifting yourself a luxury wellness retreat is nullified as you have booked your dream escape at such an affordable price and have so many extra inclusions to look forward to! If you know that a Bali retreat is something you really want to experience, don’t wait for that elusive ‘one day.’ Booking in advance is one of the best ways to empower yourself to turn your dream into a reality.

The Best Flights

Along with the best retreat deal, booking in advance also means you can secure the best flight price- win-win! Booking your retreat last minute subsequently means booking your flights and transportation last minute. This can literally add hundreds or even thousands to your getaway. When you have your retreat place secured, you have the time to compare flights, compare deals and airlines and flight paths, and find the best deal and perfect trip. Maybe it means you have the chance to arrive a day early and enjoy a BnB night onsite so you can slip into your retreat week with total ease. Perhaps it means you stop over somewhere along the way and see another part of the world that is on your bucket list. You can also avoid the busier seasons when pricing is even higher when you book in advance. Securing your retreat and flights at the best price is so rewarding and it sets you up to feel content, confident and pretty impressed with your savvy organisation skills!

The Best Room

While we have a diverse range of accommodation options on retreat, each room is quite unique and is also a different price point. Many of our rooms sell out in advance, and some of our more unique rooms, like our Jacuzzi Master Suite, can book out far in advance as it is the only room of its kind (and is four times the size of the other rooms!) Booking in advance gives you a much higher likelihood of being able to select your perfect room. Each room appeals to different guests- perhaps you are looking for absolute tranquility, maybe privacy is most important to you, perhaps having the best location is what you look for, or perhaps you have a preference over an indoor ensuite or a lush tropical outdoor bathroom. Having the full choice of options available to you when booking is such a privilege! When investing in a retreat it makes perfect sense to be able to secure the room of your dreams- and at the best price possible. The best way to make this happen is to book in advance.

Payment Plans

Did you know that we offer payment plans for your retreat? Booking in advance means that you can spread the cost of your retreat out over a longer period of time. For many women, this makes the retreat so much more achievable and rather than needing to place a large payment down all at once, smaller payments can be broken up over time which is far more manageable. Think of it like placing your retreat on lay-by! We love being able to offer this option as we understand that paying the full amount upfront can be challenging. With so many new incentives in the consumer world such as AfterPay and good old credit cards, the way we shop and pay for purchases has really changed, as has our mentality around them. Being able to pay for something special in carefully spaced increments of our choosing feels manageable and empowering. It is a great way to help us achieve those bigger goals in a realistic way.

Fully Prepared

Booking your luxury women’s retreat in advance also allows you plenty of time to prepare for your trip. This means logistically with flights, packing, and making sure you have everything you need for the perfect stay. Yet it also means time to prepare mentally, physically or emotionally. Perhaps this is your first solo travel adventure and the lead-up time offers you plenty of space to feel confident and prepared. Perhaps you’re wanting to make sure that you’re in great physical health before you arrive. While this is not a requirement at all, maybe it means you join a yoga class each week before you take off, or maybe you make a switch towards more healthier food choices. Having a retreat to look forward can support us to look after our wellbeing, even before the retreat begins. Perhaps you are coming on retreat to deal with an emotional period of your life and the lead up is a great way to start to sort through these emotions and set you up for a great week. Stepping on that plane feeling organised and prepared is a terrific way to ensure you get the most out of your week, and it helps to extend the retreat experience so that you are gaining benefits even before you arrive.

Goal Setting

Well, booking your retreat in advance means you have already achieved a huge goal! Congratulations! The next round of goal setting is around what you want to get out of your retreat week. Booking early also offers you time to sit with your intentions for your retreat week. Maybe your goal is to improve your fitness, reduce stress or anxiety, find deep healing, try something brand new, push your boundaries, meet new people, reconnect with yourself, reclaim your passion for life, or gain direction for what the next steps of your life journey look like. Of course, a retreat can just be a great fun way to enjoy a healthy invigorating and relaxing week in paradise! Yet setting goals can make the experience incredibly powerful and really long lasting. Having the space to carve out these goals is a beautiful way to arrive on retreat feeling clear, focused and ready to dive in deep.

Clearly, there are many wonderful benefits of booking your Bali retreat in advance. Maybe that means stepping out of your comfort zone a little and trusting in yourself. Life is short, and it is entirely up to you to reach out and grab the things in life that are meaningful to you. After all these years running retreats, we know that a week away isn’t merely a pause button, it is a reset. Every week we witness miraculous transformations in women that change the course of their lives indefinitely. Having your Bali retreat to look forward to makes every day in the lead up a little more special, or for some, a little more bearable. Our greatest regrets in life are often the things that we didn’t end up doing. So, if a luxury Bali wellness retreat is something you’re dreaming of- empower yourself and grasp hold of the opportunity.


Your Escape Haven Bali Retreat offers a luxury wellness experience for body, mind and soul

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Take a look at our wellbeing retreat packages and luxury Bali retreat accommodation options. We’d love to hear from you and help you plan your memorable and transformative retreat in paradise.

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