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The Rise of the Mum-cation: Why Mums Need to Retreat

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What it means to be a mother has undergone a radical shift over the last several decades. While the roles and responsibilities that come with being a Mum are vast, these days, mothers tend to wear an array of other hats also. The notion of being a stay at home Mum has come to feel like quite the luxury as, more often than not, mothers juggle the demands of parenthood alongside work and an array of other commitments.

Perhaps you’re nursing a little one as you read this, or you’re sitting in your car waiting for your child to come out from school, or you’re at work nodding your head as you resonate with these words already! For many mothers today, even finding time for a weekly yoga class can feel mighty challenging, while making time for a massage or spa treatment feels like the most luxurious and indulgent activity imaginable.

This year we are thrilled to have launched Pop-Up Mums and Bubs Retreats at our sister retreat The Palm Tree House. These retreats allow us to open our doors to women who are truly deserving of a wellness retreat in tropical paradise. The retreat is dedicated to honouring the sacred bond between mother and child, and of course, giving Mum some much needed R’n’R time! Luxury villa accommodations, daily yoga and massage, delicious healthy cuisine, and a host of optional activities, treatments and sessions are all part of the retreat package. Professional nannies are on hand to care for the children for 8 hours every day of retreat – so they get a mini-retreat of their own!

Daily life often allows very little time for dedicated self-care, and while we can do our best to schedule time for yoga, meditation, getting to the gym, or heading to bed at a decent time, the kind of deep rest and rejuvenation that comes with a week-long wellness retreat is something entirely different, and, something entirely needed, especially by mothers. Discover all the benefits of a mothers bali retreat below.

The Benefits of a Mum-Cation

Reconnect to Yourself

Motherhood is so encompassing, albeit in a beautiful way, that is is easy to lose touch with who you are as a person in your own right without the ‘Mum’ label. Putting the needs of your family first oftentimes means that you go without. It can often feel like there are simply not enough hours in the day to even have a coffee alone with your thoughts! A retreat enables you an entire week to check back in with yourself. You have the freedom to do as you please, when you please! Activities such as yoga and meditation invite you to dive deeper into your heart and soul, while adventure and exploration in a new land with new people allow you to feel truly alive and at awe with your place in the world again. The space and tranquillity can feel strange at first, but soon, you will embrace the chance to just be you, to follow your own needs, and to fall in love with all that you are again.

Deep Sleep and Rejuvenation

If you’re a mother reading this, when was the last time you had a night of uninterrupted sleep?! Perhaps that sounds like something from a fairy tale story! Sleep is one of the most important factors for our health and wellbeing. As parents, sleep deprivation is extremely common, and can leave you feeling far from your best self. On retreat, sleep is a priority. In your own private room, without any distractions or sound, you are left to slumber to your heart’s content! There are no alarms (from a clock or otherwise!), and no obligations. Many women don’t even recognise themselves after a week of proper, deep, uninterrupted sleep! The deep stages of sleep is where the body does its most healing and detoxification. If you never reach these deep stages, it is common to fall ill frequently, feel stressed or anxious, or to hold onto excess weight and toxicity in the body. Head home with a new sleep cycle that you can prioritise no matter what!

Focus on Your Health as a Priority

How many Mum’s out there tend to live on a diet that revolves around coffee, toast crusts and spaghetti?! Eating on the go and eating the limited foods your children will actually touch can mean that as Mums, our own diet and health suffers too. On retreat, one of the highlights is having all of your healthy, gourmet, delicious and nutritious meals cooked for you and having the time to sit and savour every mouthful!  A week of healthy food, spa treatments, yoga, deep sleep and inspiring workshops and activities means you have the chance to put your health (and palate!) first. Boost your immune system, reconnect with the importance of looking after yourself, and head home with a new health focus to keep you inspired.

Pampering and Self-Love

Many women can find spa treatments confronting because it involves putting yourself first and being deeply cared for by another person. It requires you to relinquish control and be open to accepting, without giving anything in return. As mothers, so much time is spent giving. Taking time out to receive is so nourishing and so essential. Giving yourself permission to surrender to massages, facials, scrubs and other spa offerings is your chance to fill up your own cup and really shower yourself with goodness. Spa treatments can also feel confronting as they challenge us to be with ourselves more intimately. Being touched and cared for in this way can be extremely emotional for women, especially as our bodies change and transform through our life cycles. This is an opportunity to re-establish a deep sense of love and gratitude for your wonderful body and yourself just as you are.

Come Alive with New Experiences

Does your life feel a little like Groundhog Day? The routines of daily life can start to feel ever so repetitive after a while. When we get locked into a familiar routine, it becomes easy to become a little blasé with life. You lose that wonder for life and the excitement of new experiences. A retreat shakes things up, moves you out of your routine and pushes your boundaries. In a foreign land with new people, you start to feel alive and entranced by life again. The unpredictable nature of being somewhere new allows for surprise and spontaneity. As a mother, so much is about creating routines and maintaining order! Travel is one of the best ways to reconnect you with the magic of life and open your eyes to a much wider view of the world. Experiencing new places, having your breath taken away by new sights, and challenging yourself to try new things – from spicy sambal to surfing- sets your heart pounding with childlike glee. It is a great reminder that life is here to be lived.

Special Time to Connect with Your Child

The beauty of a Mums and Bubs retreat means that you get the chance to dive into all the amazing benefits as outlined above, and you also get to share this experience with your child. This is an opportunity to share incredibly special and precious moments with your little one and create memories that will last a lifetime. In an environment where you and your baby’s needs are all cared for, it means you get to focus on enjoying quality time together. There are no dishes to do, no beds to make, no mess to tidy and no laundry to fold. You can enjoy all the best parts of motherhood! Experiencing a new land and culture with your child is something truly magical and being in a safe and supportive environment enables you to relax and have fun just the two of you. With no to-do list, you have the chance to be truly present and enjoy real quality time together – this is something you will cherish forever.

Return Home Anew

One of the most incredible things about taking time out for a retreat is that is doesn’t just benefit you- it benefits everyone in your life. Having your cup full and feeling truly rejuvenated and alive gives you so much more energy to really be the best version of yourself. When we run on empty all the time, it can be hard to feel grateful for the little things. Life feels hard when we don’t have energy or time on our side. A retreat enables you to be a better person, a better mother, a better partner, wife, friend, sister, colleague. A retreat also inspires you to take all of your newfound wisdom and tools back home with you. With a new perspective and fresh motivation, it can be much easier to prioritise that yoga class, to get the kids involved in helping you cook, or scheduling in that monthly day spa visit. A retreat can be a delicious pause button, but it can also be a reset button. If your life and world feel unsustainable as it is, sometimes a retreat is the perfect way to get back on track again.

So, Mums, Are You Ready to Retreat?!

The Palm Tree House offers Mums all the ingredients they need for the perfect Bali retreat escape, with the chance to enjoy some solo time, and also spend special moments with their child in a safe, beautiful and nurturing environment. Our goal is for all mothers to return home glowing, radiating, fully rejuvenated and connected to their inner light, passion and purpose.

Find out more HERE or contact us to book your place HERE.


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