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8 Wellness Travel Trend Predictions For 2020

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At this year’s Global Wellness Summit I was excited to learn more about the top travel trends predicted for 2020. This last decade has ushered in dramatic change and exciting advancements in the world of wellness. As wellbeing continues to take centre stage in so many arenas, from travel to apps to supplements and more, we are set to experience even more change! 

We are excited that already our luxury Bali retreat encompasses many of these wellness predictions. On top of that, we are also working diligently to create even more offerings in line with these predictions to ensure that our women’s wellness retreat meets the needs of all our guests and is ahead of the game when it comes to what we provide and importantly what you can benefit from by staying with us.

Here are the top 8 Wellness Travel Predictions for 2020:

Sleep Optimisation

Sleep certainly hit the spotlight in 2019 and is only going to continue to do so moving forward. Studies have shown that up to 74% of Americans are sleep deprived. We all know that sleep is necessary for our physical and mental health, but very few know just how important it really is. Lack of sleep can cause short term impairments such as lack of mental clarity and moodiness, as well as long term issues including weight gain, hormonal imbalance, depression, weakened immunity and an increased chance of chronic health conditions. Around the world we are seeing sleep become a central focus, from sleep retreats, to sleep hacks at home, to travel apps that can help assist or even prevent jetlag!

Sleep is a huge priority on our luxury Bali retreat and each room is designed to be a blissful sleep sanctuary. Our Sleep Indulgence package is a complimentary offering for guests and includes a lush flower bath, essential oils, evening meditations including Yoga Nidra, relaxing music, herbal tea and evening spa offerings to prepare for a deep slumber. You can read more on our commitment to sleep here. 

Taking the Slow Road

As our lives become faster, the desire to slow down becomes more and more appealing. Modern life is hectic, defined by our reliance on technology, and offers seemingly few moments to pause and simply be. Slow travel is becoming all that more alluring as we seek a break from the rat race to reconnect with a slower way of life and the simple pleasures that too often pass us by. Slow travel also focuses on more sustainable travel; taking local means of transport, exploring traditional cultures and ways of life, and limiting our footprint by traveling in a more eco-aware way. Slow travel is about off the beaten track adventures and focusing on meaningful experiences and interactions rather than cliche Instagram snapshots. 

On our Bali yoga retreat, we are advocates of sustainability and do what we can to reduce our plastic footprint. It’s a journey to become green and we are learning as we go. We work with ethical suppliers and with the local community to offer our guests unique cultural experiences off the beaten track. You can view our green commitment here and our unique sightseeing adventures here. On our Bali retreat we also offer ways to unwind and relax deeply withYoga Nidra and Candlelit Meditation, plus special sleep indulgence rituals with flower baths, herbal tea and soothing music. Lavender essential oil is available for guests to help them drift off to a deep slumber, and we will soon be introducing sleep trackers for guests to really gage how well they are sleeping. We encourage women to really savour this time on their Bali retreat to slow down and restore.

City Escapes & Mini Breaks

With time being such a precious commodity, there is set to be a rise in shorter getaways or ‘staycations’ that don’t necessarily venture all that far from home. Cities are embracing urban wellness, with yoga, meditation and wellness hubs are popping on every city corner. We seem to be seeking ways to ‘disconnect to reconnect’ in short, accessible ways without needing to jump on a plane or take too much vacation leave. Mini retreats and healthy city escapes are predicted to be eagerly embraced as our thirst for quick rejuvenation rises.

While Escape Haven retreats are 6 nights on set dates throughout the year, our new sister boutique Bali retreat The Palm Tree House, offers shorter stays with no set dates to let guests retreat at a time that best suits them. You can view more about our sister retreat here. 

From the Physical to the Spiritual

While our ability to connect with and explore our vast outer terrain becomes all that much easier, so too are we seeking a way to dive deeper within. There has been an incredible rise in popularity in spirituality, ancient modalities and alternative healing in recent years which is set to continue as we search for ways to find greater health- physically, mentally and spiritually. From Ayurveda and meditation to shamanic ceremonies and energy healing, there has been a surge in spiritual seekers and consciousness explorers. Sound baths, cacao initiations, chakra balancing and more are only going to continue to grow and expand.

We are proud that our luxury Bali retreat offers a real focus on healing with a diverse array of unique alternative therapies from Reiki to Tarot to Theta healing and more. Our luxury Ayurveda retreat is one of a kind here in Bali and offers a truly holistic experience. We are the only women’s retreat in Bali to offer an Ayurveda programme which includes traditional treatments and a private consultation, as well as unlimited yoga and spa. It’s become our most popular package and guests have undergone remarkable transformations in body, mind and soul through this retreat offering. You can view our healing therapies here and our Ayurveda package here. 

The Healing Power of Nature

We all know how incredible it feels to be immersed in nature. Recently, this experience has come to be known as Forest Bathing, and has become a huge trend over the past year in both the wellness and medical community. Spending time immersed in nature is now being subscribed to patients suffering from lifestyle stress and disease. Digital detoxes go hand in hand with the idea of roaming where the wifi is weak. Incredible health benefits come from switching off and getting your feet back in the Earth, breathing in fresh air, and soaking in the healing energy of mother nature. While this trend seems like something we have the ability to do on our own terms, these experiences will continue to be packaged and sold as we seek to reconnect to our wild roots.

Bali is the ideal place to reconnect with nature. Our stunning retreat grounds offer plenty of ways to embrace nature. On our Bali Yoga Retreat, the yoga shala is immersed in nature, allowing guests to practice to the sounds of the birds and the flowing river. On our Bali Fitness Retreat, our fitness sessions are also held in our lush gardens or at the beach at sunrise. Bali is a tropical paradise and guests are encouraged to inhale the fresh frangipanis, walk barefoot on the grass and enjoy the lush warm air as much as possible! Our passion for nature, adventure and the great outdoors is also why we’ve launched our brand new Escape Haven Voyages. These luxury boat retreats fully immerses guests in nature and offer a sense of perspective beyond yourself and everyday life and connects you to something far greater. Read more about the healing power of the ocean here.

Women’s-Only Everything

This one we already knew! Women’s travel, women’s programs, women’s retreats, and women’s-only resorts are predicted to rise in the wellness scene over the coming years. More than just a safe space for women to retreat to, these spaces will also focus on more female-centred topics and healing work such as hormone health, women’s sexual wellness and catering to all stages of the female life span more directly. Adventure-style retreats for women, as well as more nurturing and healing retreats for women, are all set to become more readily accessible as women venture out on solo expeditions with greater means and frequency.

Our women’s Bali retreat is now in its 11th year running and over this time, we have come to see the true power of offering women a safe and inspiring place to retreat and the special connections that develop between women on this unique journey. We look forward to creating new retreat packages that invite more women to retreat in paradise and experience the magic that happens when women unite. 

Longevity over Anti-Ageing

It’s being said that 55 is the new 35 – we tend to like that! Anti-ageing is so 2015. The future is focused on longevity and the state of our wellbeing as we age, rather than trying to avoid or disguise aging altogether. The over 55 travel demographic is redefining travel with a thirst for luxury and wellness-centered escapes. This generation is switched on, well educated and seeking bolder experiences to improve their well being physically, emotionally and mentally. They are open to trying new things, exploring new lands, and dabbling in new healing modalities. It’s never too late for reinvention and this older generation is setting a new benchmark for making aging cool, empowering and liberating.

We love that our luxury Bali retreat welcomes women of all ages, from early twenties right through to late sixties. We also love welcoming solo women on retreat and offer a safe and inclusive place for women to travel to on their own terms. With all the options available on retreat, women have the power to retreat their way and focus on what sets their hearts alight.

The Wellness Sabbatical

With a greater ability to work from outside the office than ever before, the Wellness Sabbatical is a new trend that sees more people blending vacation time with work trips. Those who are not tied to office jobs can take even greater escapes, choosing to work from anywhere around the world as long as they have a powerpoint and wifi signal. The ability to work from your hotel room opens up wide new opportunities for travel and also allows for a greater focus on wellbeing and balance. These travellers continue to work remotely while they engage with wellness programs or wellness activities away from home. As this trend expands, so too will opportunities to meet this demand in exciting new ways.

This year we have seen more women than ever before join us for consecutive weeks on retreat. Women have greater freedom than ever before to work from outside the office, to take time off, or to even take a period of time to reassess their life path. Our sister boutique Bali retreat The Palm Tree House allows women to stay as long as they please with great flexibility. 

On our luxury women’s Bali retreat, we are thrilled to already include many of these trends, and we look forward to expanding our offerings and embracing these new trends in new dynamic ways as the wellness arena continues to evolve. 


Your Escape Haven Bali Retreat offers a luxury wellness experience for body, mind and soul

We invite you to experience our award-winning Bali retreat. If it’s time to fill up your cup and reconnect with yourself on a deeper level, we’d love to help you rejuvenate, unwind, reawaken and experience the very best of Bali. Dive into transformational yoga and meditation classes, exhilarating surf lessons in the warm waters of Bali, fun fitness classes and restorative healing sessions. How much or little you do is all up to you.

Take a look at our wellbeing retreat packages and luxury Bali retreat accommodation options. We’d love to hear from you and help you plan your memorable and transformative retreat in paradise.

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