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Our Wellness Philosophy

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The Global Health Summit really inspired us to look at our own wellness philosophy and pillars of wellbeing on our Bali retreat. We wanted to share these with you and explain how we see wellness in relation to the retreat experience, and also how we are committed to supporting you on your own wellness journey. 

Our Vision

To be the global leader in the field of women’s holistic retreats.

Our Purpose

To positively impact women and support them in becoming the most radiant version of themselves and lead the life of their dreams.

Our Wellness Philosophy

Wellness is the essence of Escape Haven. It is why we exist- to help you experience harmony, balance, and radiance in body, mind and spirit. Our purpose is to guide and inspire you on your own wellness journey, offering you the tools needed to ignite transformation. From the moment you arrive at your Bali yoga retreat, your wellbeing is our priority. We understand that every woman is unique, which is why the retreat experience is customised to suit your exact needs and goals. 

Every element of Escape Haven has been meticulously crafted to positively impact your holistic wellbeing. All of the varied aspects of the retreat experience can fall under these pillars:


Wellness encompasses our internal environment and our external reality. Our Bali retreat cuisine focuses on a menu of delicious, natural wholefoods to assist you to function at your optimal level. Mealtimes are a celebration of food and flavour with an abundance of choice and catered to your unique dietary needs. As we nourish you from the inside, we are also committed to offering a nourishing environment where you feel safe, welcome and deeply cared for. Our Bali women’s retreat grounds offer a beautiful and tranquil sanctuary for you to relax and rejuvenate. 


As women, we are natural nurturers, yet we also need time to fill up our own cup. Our extensive list of spa treatments, unique Ayurveda treatments, and transformative healing therapies are designed to nurture you on a level that goes beyond the physical, to care for you on an emotional, mental and soul level. Your private sleep sanctuary on your Bali wellness retreat is designed to ensure you the most blissful of slumbers. Complimentary flower baths (room dependant), essential oils, nightly turn-down gifts, herbal teas, foot massages, and relaxing music are just some of the nightly rituals to help you sleep soundly. Our women’s-only retreat sanctuary is a nurturing, inclusive, warm space that welcomes women from all over the world to experience a luxurious and healing escape – because you deserve it.


We encourage you to discover ways to move your body that resonate with you and make you feel truly alive during your Bali yoga, fitness, surf and Ayurveda retreat. Our movement offerings are diverse and encompass everything from gentle rejuvenating yoga and pilates classes to sunrise hikes up Mt Batur and everything in between. We cater to all levels in our yoga, fitness and pilates classes to ensure you are both challenged and deeply supported. We believe that movement should be fun and that sweat is the perfect way to sparkle.


We care about your holistic wellbeing and encourage mindfulness through practices such as meditation and Yoga Nidra, and also through daily inspirational quotes and love notes that encourage you to be present to each and every moment. We practice mindfulness in our sustainability policy, in our commitment to supporting the Balinese culture, land, and people, and in every element that goes into creating your retreat experience. We invite you to retreat your way, which opens up a space for you to reconnect with your powerful intuition and inner voice. Slowing down, opening up, being in new surroundings and around new people are all invitations for you to truly experience each moment as the gift that it is. 


It is important to us that your Bali retreat isn’t a mere pause button, and that your lessons and time on retreat positively impacts your daily life once you return home. We are committed to staying connected and assisting you on your wellness journey through informative and uplifting newsletters, blogs and our private social media group. Our alumnae guests form a global Escape Haven family, and staying connected helps us all to remain motivated and aligned to our path, our health, and our dreams. We also have special Bali retreat offers for our alumnae guests to make returning to retreat that much easier.

We invite you to experience these core pillars of wellness with us on your luxury Bali women’s retreat. Over the last decade we have welcomed over 6000 women with us on retreat, and while you could easily say we are ‘experts in the field,’ we love that we are also always learning, growing, expanding and changing what we offer to not only keep up with wellness trends but also in response to our guests feedback and changing needs. It is important to us that the retreat experience is perfectly structured, but also incredibly pliable and customisable to suit your unique goals. Contact us to find out more about our luxury women’s retreat and how it can help you rediscover the very best, most radiant, version of yourself. 


Your Escape Haven Bali Retreat offers a luxury wellness experience for body, mind and soul

We invite you to experience our award-winning Bali retreat. If it’s time to fill up your cup and reconnect with yourself on a deeper level, we’d love to help you rejuvenate, unwind, reawaken and experience the very best of Bali. Dive into transformational yoga and meditation classes, exhilarating surf lessons in the warm waters of Bali, fun fitness classes and restorative healing sessions. How much or little you do is all up to you.

Take a look at our wellbeing retreat packages and luxury Bali retreat accommodation options. We’d love to hear from you and help you plan your memorable and transformative retreat in paradise.

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