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What Really Happens in a Theta Healing

Theta healing

What Really Happens in a Theta Healing

On our Bali Retreat, Karolina intuitively works with energy healing and Theta healing, offering a safe, supportive, inspiring and transformative space for you to let go of old trauma and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living a full, vibrant and deeply satisfying life. Each session is unique for everyone and will depend on your own needs and personal life experiences. This is the perfect session for closing old doors and releasing old ties so you can free yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. Through supportive counselling and gentle yet powerful energy work, this is a heart-to-heart session will allow you fearlessly embrace life and discover your limitless potential.

A recent guest shares her powerful experience with a Theta and Energy Healing session at Escape Haven: 

I always think it is a good idea to enter into any kind of healing or energy work without too many preconceived notions or expectations. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t help but feel perhaps a little nervous or apprehensive, especially when the retreat experience alone can gently knock down your walls and leave you feeling pretty raw and open. Yet when I was greeted by Karolina with a warm embrace I felt immediately at ease, even when one of the kind retreat leaders handed me a box of tissues as we left for the session; ‘it’s for the good kind of tears,’ she assured me with a knowing smile.

So, what is Theta Healing or Energy Healing really about? Once we were settled into comfortable chairs facing one another, Karolina explained a little about what the session would look like, assuring me it was always unique for each person, depending on what they wanted to work on and how deep they wanted to dive. ‘The work is gentle and non-intrusive, yet it is powerful and can unearth emotions and experiences that have been bottled up for a long, long time,’ explained Karolina. ‘The session works on releasing limiting beliefs you have accumulated through your life, and values and ways of thinking that you have taken on, but perhaps are no longer true and are not serving you, but are rather holding you back from living fully.’  

The first part of the session revolves around what Karolina refers to as counselling, but explains more as digging; ‘We need to first look at what the issues are on the surface, and then dig a little deeper to find their roots and what the real cause is- this is what we work on addressing, not just how these things tend to materialize on the surface level.’ 

It is a good idea to enter the session with some kind of topic, issue or theme in your life that you would like to work on or improve perhaps in some way. It could be about relationships- romantic, friendship, family or your relationship with yourself. It could be any area of your life where you have limiting beliefs- finances, body image, self-worth, work, goals, health- anywhere you may feel ‘stuck’ and unable to move forward. Of course, you can also enter the session without a clear theme or topic and simply see where the session goes and what appears. ‘We ALL have healing work to do!’ Karolina says with an emphatic laugh, ‘And it never ends, we are constantly having to work on ourselves and heal ourselves in order to really be open to the present moment and all that it offers.’ She explains, ‘the work is never ‘done’ but once we are aware of the way our mind or subconscious works, we can transform things quickly and prevent repeating old patterns or getting stuck and feeling helpless against our life path.’ 

A lot of our ‘trauma’ in our present life Karolina explains is very deep-rooted and often comes from our childhood or adolescence. Chances are, we are not even aware of the subconscious thoughts and beliefs that we have and just how much they impact (and potentially sabotage!) our current reality. I entered the session with a topic I wanted to discuss, yet on the whole, I admitted to feeling really happy and grateful in my life. What amazed me the most was how Karolina was able to join the dots between the area of my life that I felt was lacking and a belief system that I wasn’t even aware I had deeply established- one that was certainly holding me back in a number of ways.

There were so many insights and ‘ah-ha!’ moments over the course of the 90 minutes, and while some of it was emotional and tender, the greater part of it was incredibly inspiring, empowering and motivating. When we feel ‘stuck’ in an area of our life, or when we keep repeating patterns over and over that we know don’t serve us, we feel helpless to create change, and this can be incredibly frustrating and disempowering. Discovering the root cause of these issues, and discovering ways to shift and change your mindset allows you to feel in control of your life, rather than a victim. 

Facing these thoughts and beliefs happens on two levels. On a practical level, Karolina offers actionable steps and tasks for you to work on, or what she refers to as ‘homework!’ Then if you are open and willing, Karolina will also help you to work on these issues on a deeper energetic level, working to transform these subconscious beliefs- cutting old chords, tending to old wounds, and opening up channels for new experiences, values and beliefs to flourish. 

I was quite excited about the ‘homework’ tasks that I was given, and for the first time, I felt genuinely capable about addressing this area of my life and finding joy, balance and a deep sense of happiness and belonging. In the past, with failed attempt after failed attempt, I had come to feel as though I was simply ‘broken’ or that trying again was simply wasted time. Yet once I could see the real cause of what had been holding me back (myself of course!) I felt really excited to start again from a new place of courage, knowing, confidence and surety. 

On a deeper level, I don’t want to give too much away, as the energy healing part of the session was incredible and is always a different experience for each person. What I will say is that it was very simple yet incredibly powerful, it is entirely non-intrusive, and it is emotional ‘in the good kind of way!’ Not only did I feel things on a physical level, I also genuinely felt emotional blocks within me being cleared, I felt walls that I had built up around me for many many years start to crumble down, and I felt a deep-rooted heaviness that I hadn’t even been aware of, start to lift off me. I felt lighter, liberated, in control. I felt a sense of vulnerability and openness that was entwined with confidence and courage. 

Of course, we are creatures of habit, we cling to routine, we crave safety, comfort and security, so the work doesn’t end here- it is a constant journey to heal and to work on ourselves and these areas of our life. Yet I finished the session with a newfound commitment to this deeper self-work. ‘It’s easy to live a lifetime on the surface,’ Karolina explained to me, ‘but we miss out on so, so much. All we have is each moment, and when we live in the past or we project into the future, we never get to fully experience and enjoy the present.’

I left feeling so grateful for my time with Karolina. She has a beautiful, gentle nature, but also an inspiring strength and voraciousness. As we closed the session we talked about how every woman would greatly benefit from this work and how relatively simple it is to clear and address these issues that are truly preventing us from living and loving fully. When I got home I got a text message from Karolina that I have written down in my daily planner to read each morning, but I feel the words could benefit us all; ‘There is no future. It’s only now. So let’s live life with an open heart and create beautiful connections and moments.’


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