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10 Signs You Need to Detox 

Time to cleanse

When we hear the word ‘detox’, a range of ideas come to mind. With wellness such a huge topic in the media these days, it can mean that we have wonderful access to information regarding how to cleanse and look after our bodies. On the other hand, it can also offer rather conflicting information that leaves us feeling a little confused and helpless. It’s important to dispel common myths around what a detox is, and truly understand why it is important to give our body a break from time to time. To be perfectly honest, everyone benefits from a period of cleansing or detoxification. While the body is naturally self-healing and self-sufficient, a detox allows the body to focus energy away from digestion (which takes up a lot of energy!) towards deeper rejuvenation and healing. 

There are several tell-tale signs that your body may be asking for a period of rest and repair. Oftentimes, we simply push through, or we try pharmaceutical medicines that may help short term but don’t offer a sustainable solution. A detox is like a reset button, allowing you to pause, take stock, and then continue again from a new place of balance and clarity. Here are some of the top signs that suggest you could benefit from a detox:

10 Signs Your Body Needs a Detox:

  1.   You feel stressed, exhausted & overwhelmed

You may not realise that stress is toxic for the human body. While we are designed to handle small amounts of stress, living in a state of constant stress is harmful to our wellbeing on many levels. Stress can result in low immunity, fertility problems, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, mental health issues and insomnia just to name a few! A detox doesn’t only work on the physical body, it also works on a mental and emotional level, asking you to slow down, unwind and allow your body to recuperate. In this day and age, a detox is just as important for our mental health as it is our physiological well-being.

  1.   You suffer from headaches, insomnia or brain fog 

It can be easy to pass off headaches, lack of sleep and lack of mental clarity with our busy fast-paced lives. Headaches and insomnia can be a sign of stress, brain fog may be a sign of candida imbalance in the body or dehydration. All of these symptoms though suggest that your body is out of balance. Diet is a huge factor in all three of these issues also, meaning that a break from harmful foods or stress crutches such as alcohol or coffee may be just what the body is asking for. 

  1.   You often have skin breakouts or a dull complexion

Breakouts, skin blemishes, dull eyes or complexion, brittle hair or nails, hair loss- all of these things can be a sign that the body is not getting all the nutrients it needs to thrive or is reacting to something that the body isn’t appreciating- such as dairy, sugar, caffeine, gluten or otherwise. A detox can help your body to let go of stored toxins and give your digestion a break so you can start from a clean slate with a healthy diet and balanced body.

  1.   Your immune system is weak and/or you fall ill easily

There is nothing worse than catching every single cold or tummy bug that goes around! If you find yourself constantly unwell, chances are your immune system is compromised. Even more so if you are relying constantly on antibiotics. A detox can help your body to build up its immunity, to cleanse and strengthen your vital organs, and make sure that your body is running efficiently. 

  1.   Your digestion is sluggish, irregular or troublesome

So much of our overall well being is related to our gut health. If you suffer from constipation, irregularity, cramping, bloating, or discomfort in your digestion, chances are something is a little out of balance. A cleanse is the perfect reset, allowing your digestive system to take a break and rule out any foods or substances that may be causing you grief. 

  1.   Your diet often includes fried foods, processed meat, dairy, gluten, processed foods or refined sugar

These foods are the most common culprits that can cause imbalance and toxicity in the body. If you eat these foods on a regular basis, a cleanse is a perfect way to help your body dispel any stored toxins or waste that the body is holding onto. Long term, a diet high in these foods can have all kinds of health repercussions. Taking a break from these foods with a detox can also help you to quit unhealthy habits and start new healthy ones. 

  1.   Your diet includes coffee, alcohol, drugs, medication or cigarettes

Just like the foods noted above, these substances are also harmful to the body on a regular basis. Again, not only will a cleanse help the body to rid the harmful toxins caused by these substances, it can also act as a reset to say goodbye to these types of chemicals for good.

  1.   You are regularly exposed to common environmental toxins such as carbon emissions, herbicides, pesticides, artificial fragrances & household chemicals

Unfortunately, we are all exposed to these environmental toxins, some of us more than others if we live in a big city or use these types of chemicals in your everyday life. While we tend to think of diet when it comes to a detox, the chemicals around us that we breathe in or apply to our body can be as equally as harmful. A detox can help cleanse the vital organs that are responsible for naturally dispelling these chemicals daily. Having a strong immune system and well-functioning system will ensure you can manage these toxins and remove them the best you can to avoid long term exposure or effects. 

  1.   You are carrying excess body weight 

While a detox isn’t all about weight loss, it can be an effective way to drop a few kilos, and more importantly, cleanse the body, find balance and start fresh with new healthy habits and a healthy clear mindset. Weight loss, of course, will depend on the type of cleanse, the duration, and your own natural body type. Most people will lose weight on a detox or cleanse, the important part is keeping the weight off long term with a healthy lifestyle. A detox is often a powerful way for people to break negative cycles and find the motivation and strength to truly priortise self-care. 

  1. You lack energy or often feel flat, down & emotionally unstable 

While the first 24-48 hours of a detox or cleanse may leave you feeling a little low in energy and emotional, once your body moves through the initial cleansing stage, you will generally feel energised, balanced and with a positive outlook on life. A cleanse is always unique for everyone, yet one of the best benefits is the surge of energy you often feel. A clean, well-functioning body is a happy body! When you feel great physically, it makes sense that we also feel uplifted and motivated in mind and spirit. People often can feel joyous and even euphoric on a cleanse, especially if you are used to living a more toxic lifestyle. This insight is a powerful way to create ongoing change and commitments too.

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