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Detox 101: Your Top Questions Answered

Detox 101Embarking on a detox can feel intimidating, overwhelming or even frightening if it is brand new to you. What happens on a detox? What can you expect? How will you feel afterward? There is a lot of information out there around cleansing and detoxing the body. Yet sometimes this information can be conflicting and fail to answer the basic questions that many people have when it comes to trying a detox for the first time. There are a lot of fads and diets out there, and many of them lack scientific evidence and can be dangerous for the body, especially if you already have any health issues. When done sensibly and with support, a detox is safe, effective and quite transformational.

One of the best things about doing a detox retreat is that you are in safe hands. The detox has been trialed and tested many many times, and you are in a supportive space with qualified individuals who can assist you during the cleanse process. A detox is different for everyone, and each person will exhibit different detox symptoms, have a different journey, and find different results. So having that support is a great way to ease your mind, and allow yourself to completely surrender to the process knowing you are in a safe environment. 

A detox is beneficial for everyone, no matter how healthy you feel your diet or lifestyle may be. Taking time to pause and allow your body to heal on a deeper level is hugely important, especially in the toxic world we live in. Before you embark on a detox, here are some of the most common questions answered for you.

Detox & Cleansing FAQs

Why Do I Need to Detox?

Our body is constantly working to dispel toxins and unwanted matter from its various systems. Over time, the body gets run down from unhealthy food or lifestyle choices, stress and environmental toxins that are a part of modern-day life. No matter how healthy you may be, external factors still require you to give the body a chance to recharge and dispel anything that may be holding you back from experiencing superior health and long-lasting vitality. When our vital organs are placed under too much pressure and unable to work efficiently, that is when illness and disease can appear. Taking time to cleanse goes a long way in prevention, and also has immediate effects- greater energy, clearer skin, better digestion, mental clarity and so much more. A detox is your opportunity to give your body a break and allow your own self-cleansing and self-healing processes to kick into gear. Our bodies are innately intelligent and a period of cleansing Is the perfect way to hit the reset button and start on a path to a healthier, happier, more vibrant you!

How Long Should I Detox For?

This is totally up to you. A 3-day cleanse is a great little re-set for your body. 5 days is great if you have the time and 7 days is also a wonderful common number of days to cleanse for. It really depends on what your goals are. A longer duration may be more helpful if you are looking for weight loss or are looking to treat or address a certain health issue. How long you cleanse for is also dependant on what type of cleanse you are undertaking A juice cleanse like we offer on our Bali detox retreat is ideal for 3 or 5 days. Longer cleanses can be undertaken with a mixture of healthy liquids and also simple, easy to digest foods. Longer Ayurveda cleanses can also be undertaken with a healthy Ayurvedic dish called Kitchari and these cleanses can last up to 14 days. The best advice is to select a cleanse program that you feel addresses your needs and goals and offers you support along the way. It is also very important to listen to your body during a cleanse and allow this to guide you along the journey. 

What Should I Expect to Feel on a Detox?

Each person’s reaction to cleansing is different. While some people feel alert and energized, others feel more lethargic than usual. You may find it easier to stay busy or prefer to take this time to rest. Listen to your body and take care of yourself! Remember, cleansing has its ups and downs. At some point, you will probably experience a decrease in energy. The body is going through a transformation and it takes energy to adapt. If you are tired, allow yourself to rest. Remember that this is not permanent and allow yourself to enjoy the journey. You have absolute permission to rest- so make the most of it!

There are some typical side effects to a juice cleanse that are good to know about and be prepared for. You may experience some of these side effects, or you may not. It depends on many things, including how well you have prepared for the cleanse. For the first two days or so, detoxification is most noticeable as the body adjusts. Feeling under the weather, having a headache, fatigue, and minor skin blemishes are all common symptoms of detoxification, and should be embraced! This means your body is removing toxins! Make sure along with the juices you drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins. Colonic irrigation is also a great way to alleviate detox symptoms as this is a powerful way to remove toxins at a deeper level. The more pleasurable results of a juice cleanse are soon to follow, and usually include healthier-looking skin, clear eyes, clarity of mind, improved digestion, and an overall sense of well-being positive mood. This is good to bear in mind if you are experiencing some detox symptoms early on in the cleanse. 

Will I Be Hungry on a Detox?

Again, this will depend on your type of detox. On our Bali detox retreat, the juices provided on the cleanse offer plenty of sustenance throughout the day and you will be surprised at just how little hunger you may encounter! On a juice cleanse, your body is still being flooded with healthy vital nutrients and therefore hunger cravings are usually kept at bay. You come to notice on a cleanse that oftentimes you think you are hungry, you may be thirsty, or it may be habit, or it may be psychological. If you find you are very hungry, you can always opt to have something simple like some fruit, or a fresh coconut. Eating on a cleanse will slow down the detoxification as your digestive system has to kick back into gear. However, it is always important to listen to your body and feel into what you truly need. It’s great to stick to a program as best as you can, but you also need to be mindful and present to what your body requires. Starting slow even with a one day juice cleanse, and then building up to longer periods, can also be a good idea for beginners. 

Will I Lose Weight on a Detox?

Everyone is different on a cleanse. You may indeed lose weight. The cleanse is intended as a healthy lifestyle transformation and not a quick weight loss fix. The weight you lose in a juice cleanse of short duration can often be water retention. If you do lose weight, continuing new healthy habits such as eating well and exercising will assist you to keep the weight off post-cleanse. One of the great benefits of cleansing is reduced food cravings which will help you to make healthier food choices after the cleanse and keep yourself looking and feeling terrific.

How Will My Energy Levels Be on a Detox?

It is 100% normal and healthy to feel tired when you cleanse. Your organs are working very hard to clean out and rejuvenate themselves during this break and the side effects can include lethargy. Allow your body to go through this process and relax rather than fight it. Resting with actually help you to reach optimum results and your body will thank you for it. Fresh coconuts are a great way to boost your energy levels with a little extra natural sugar if you really need a pick-me-up. If you are still tired on day three or four, it may be due to not drinking enough liquids (juice and also water) or it could indicate a back up in your colon. Once your colon and digestive system are cleared, it’s more likely you will experience greater energy. If you feel like your colon could use a deep cleaning, a colonic or enema can be very helpful. 

Are There Ways to Assist a Detox?

On our Bali detox retreat, we have an incredible range of healers and treatments that can help you to deepen your cleanse such as lymphatic drainage massage and green tea detox scrubs. If weight loss is a key focus for you, we also recommend a slimming massage treatment, or Ayurveda treatments are also recommended for detoxification and also work to really establish balance in the body.  On retreat, we also offer special treatments with our qualified healers and bodyworkers. If you are embarking on your detox at home, you may like to do some research and see if you can find anywhere that offers colonic irrigation sessions, hot/cold plunge and sauna, or a float tank session. Of course, even without these additional options, you can benefit your cleanse by really taking time out to rest and relax during your cleanse. Try some meditation, perhaps some gentle yoga, and get plenty of rest. You may like to try an enema from home or take a hot Epsom salt bath. Your body will detox on its own, you just need to provide a safe and healing space for it to do so. 

What Are Some of the Top Benefits of a Detox?

There are many benefits that come with a detox, here are some of the most common:

  • Prevention of chronic diseases
  • Stronger immunity
  • Assistance in losing stagnant weight
  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased energy
  • Radiant, glowing skin
  • Bright, clear eyes
  • Mental clarity
  • Balanced emotions
  • Improved self-confidence and empowerment
  • New healthy habits and routines
  • Improved longevity

We hope that has answered some of your most pressing questions about detox! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Our Bali detox retreat is suitable for all levels and is the perfect way to experience a detox in a safe, supportive and inspiring place. Find out more about our Bali detox retreat here


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