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Our 3 Biggest 2019 Insights You’ll Want To Adopt For 2020

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As leaders in the world of wellness, we have come across a lot of wellness trends throughout 2019, and over the last decade in general. What we have discovered is that many wellness gimmicks come and go. It’s easy to get caught up in these fleeting trends – chances are, many of us have a cupboard full of various exotic superfoods, wild-harvested supplements, or age-defying beauty products! When it comes to real health and wellness, what we have discovered is simple is best. Great news, right?!

On our luxury Bali retreat, we love staying up to date with what’s new in the world of wellness and this year we have introduced many exciting additions to the retreat experience – wellness flower baths, delicious new menu items, transformative healing therapies and brand new packages that offer detox and Pilates options. Above all, despite all of our fresh additions, the basic retreat ingredients that we know to be most effective are the simplest. 

If these things are so simple, why is it so hard to make them a priority? Well, we could point a finger at the fast pace of modern life. Maybe we overlook the commonplace things as we seek the flashy new gadgets and gimmicks. Perhaps these things are so simple, we question how much difference they can truly make to our world.

Well, we are here to share with you our three biggest insights from 2019. They are easy and primarily free! By adopting these tips in 2020 and beyond, you are bound to see and feel an immediate change in your wellbeing. Are you ready?! 

We could go on and on with a list of 50 things you could do to uplevel your health in 2020, but really, who has time for that? Most of all, a huge list feels overwhelming and unsustainable. Embrace these 3 simple tips for a new you as we step into a new decade. 


Sleep – boring right?! Not really. In fact, getting adequate sleep is one of the BIGGEST ways to improve your health and wellbeing. We all know that we feel better after a good night’s sleep. Yet, we may not realise just how much our body is suffering when we scrimp on good old Zzzzs. Getting adequate sleep helps to reduce stress, improve memory and cognitive function, lower blood pressure, improve mood, maintain weight, lower blood sugar levels, boost immunity, boost longevity, lower inflammation, spark creativity, improve athletic performance, lower the risk of depression, improve memory, and support mental and emotional health. That’s a pretty big list! Especially when it comes to doing something that most of us love doing anyway! 

Try to make it a priority to get a good eight hours of sleep every night. Do what you can to make your bedroom a real sleep sanctuary that is conducive to shut-eye. Create a pre-bed ritual or routine that helps you to wind down and prepare your body and mind for slumber. If the last decade has been about being switched on 24/7, we predict that the decade to follow is going to be more about switching off and enjoying life in the slow lane. Grab yourself a comfy pair of PJs and embrace your new commitment to sleep in 2020. 


Another simple, easy and free way to radically uplevel your health: good old H20. We tend to severely underestimate the importance of being adequately hydrated. Did you know that up to 70 per cent of people are actually dehydrated most of the day?! With so many beverage options at our fingertips these days, it’s easy to reach for a coffee, juice, kombucha, chai or any other beverage you love. While things such as fresh juices and kombucha have their own benefits, nothing beats the benefits of water. Being properly hydrated can improve your mental alertness, help you to lose weight or find weight balance, improve mood, support proper digestion, regulate body temperature, detoxify the body’s organs and cells, support muscles and joints, support the brain and spine, assist with nutrient absorption, improve physical performance, boost brain function and prevent headaches, and it has physical benefits too such as promoting healthy skin and eyes. 

Try starting your day with a big glass of water, carry a water bottle with you or have one at your desk all day, swap some of your other beverage choices for water, and if you are drinking alcohol or coffee especially, make sure to up your water intake. Add some lemon or fresh fruits, herbs or essential oils to your water to jazz it up. We predict that 2020 is the year of hydration, which makes sense considering we are 70 per cent water! 


Over the last decade, we have seen levels of stress rise to an all-time high across the globe. The World Health Organisation has classified stress as the health epidemic of the 21st century. Stress leads to a myriad of health issues both short term and long term, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, skin conditions, depression, low sex drive, hormone imbalances, anxiety, fatigue, digestive issues, insomnia and more. 

Our fast-paced modern world combined with advances in technology has made it challenging to switch off. Yet as we start to see, feel and understand the true effects of stress on the body and mind, we are slowly starting to prioritise activities and ways of life that focus on slowing down and mediating stress and its effects. 

Findings ways to de-stress that work for you are essential as we step into 2020. This may mean activities such as meditation or yoga. It may mean getting out into nature and spending more time with friends and family. Perhaps exercising helps you to lower stress, or simply enjoying a long hot bath is your way to switch off. Maybe setting boundaries around work and technology will make a huge impact on your levels of stress. Whatever it is for you, step into the new year with some tools in your belt for when life gets busy. Remember, slowing down is the new hustle. 

If you are really looking to up-level your health in 2020, join us for a luxury wellness retreat in beautiful Bali. Indulge in a week of deep sleep and relaxation, rejuvenating spa treatments, yoga and meditation, nourishing cuisine and plenty of time to simply unwind and reconnect to yourself and the important things in life. One week really is all it takes to turn your life around. Contact us now to check dates and rates- take advantage of our early bird promotion and rate lock prices.


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