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Why You Should Swap Fireworks for Fitness This New Year

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We are currently navigating our way towards the conclusion of the decade. While coming to the end of any year can bring about a period of reflection and contemplation, striding towards the closing of a decade illuminates these emotions and ponderings – what have I achieved, what could I have done differently, am I on my path, what will the next decade bring?

The merry-go-round that tends to define Christmas, New Year and the festive season can be a dizzying one. For many of us, this period is one that encompasses a wide spectrum of emotions. Stress often goes hand in hand with joy at this busy time of the year. Obligations arise, temptations lure us, relationships challenge us and by January 1st, the new year that looms ahead of us can feel rather daunting. 

Is it a new beginning? A clean slate? An open invitation untainted by the hindrances of previous years? Time is a human construct. So what the new year brings is entirely up to you. For many, it is approached as a fresh start. For others, those who may be waking bleary-eyed at noon and reaching for the aspirin, a fresh start may not accurately define those January 1st emotions. 

There is no right or wrong way to bring in a new year or a new decade for that matter. We are all unique, with different preferences, goals and desires. Celebration is a beautiful part of being human. Waking up on January 1st with a wicked hangover may for some be the sign of a very well-spent New Year’s Eve. Yet as wellness continues to become such a global phenomenon, even the ways in which we celebrate and, in particular, how we spend our holidays and time off, are changing.

Not all that long ago, the idea of giving up your New Year’s Eve or your holiday break for a fitness retreat would sound like downright torture! Swapping bubbles for burpees isn’t a bumper sticker that would have gone down well in the ’90s, let’s face it! However, more and more, we are placing wellness, growth and positive transformation on our bucket lists. We seem to have comfortably traded our macchiatos for turmeric lattes and our margaritas for kombucha. Activewear is the official uniform of our time. Yoga and meditation have leapt out of their age-old lineage and into pop culture. Debaucherous hen’s nights have been replaced with healthy hens retreats. Baby showers have been replaced with blessing ceremonies. Even boozy weddings have shifted towards paleo hors d’oeuvres with locally-brewed craft beer.

It is no surprise then that the new year period has also been inspired by the wellness movement. It can be hard to set positive intentions for a brand new year ahead when nursing a hangover! More and more we are accepting the invitation to start the new year in a healthy way with a commitment to making the 365 days that stretch out ahead better than the ones that lay behind us. 

On our luxury Bali retreat, the fitness retreat package has all the ingredients to you start your new year feeling motivated, inspired, confident and capable. Stepping into January with those adjectives in your back pocket surely suggest an exciting road ahead. This fitness retreat isn’t defined solely by the ‘new year, new you’ mindset. While physical transformation is often a goal, we love to also focus on self-love, body confidence and honouring yourself enough to make positive decisions to support your holistic wellbeing, now and for the year and decade to come.

The fitness retreat will, of course, work you physically; you will sweat, your heart rate will soar, and you will discover muscle groups that you never knew existed! You may drop a few digits on the scales, notice that your activewear is a little less snug than when you arrived, or perceive new tone and definition in various parts of your body. 

Yet beyond what the eye can see, you will also discover that you are stronger than you realised, that you have what it takes to keep going when you are challenged, and that you can get up each day, no matter how you feel, and be willing and capable to give this new day all that you’ve got. Our fitness retreat package combines the daily fitness sessions alongside yoga, meditation, unlimited spa treatments, as well as a series of inspiring workshops designed to help you set your new year intentions and keep them long after your suntan fades. 

You will also enjoy luxurious accommodations, caring and attentive personal trainers, state-of-the-art equipment, gourmet cuisine and fitness sessions followed by wellness flower baths and evening massages. For those up for it, the fitness retreat also includes a thrilling sunrise hike up Bali’s famous Mount Batur, all of which sounds slightly more appealing than the average New Year’s Eve aftermath!

If you have annual time off up your sleeve at this time of the year, it can be ever-so-tempting to lounge about, sleep in, enjoy happy hour and promise yourself that you will work through that holiday to-do list of household jobs that have been accumulating since your last vacation. Taking off on a luxury fitness retreat may spark feelings of guilt even! Yet imagine the ways in which one week of committing to your own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing can support you to launch into the year ahead feeling your very best, ready to tackle whatever the year throws at you.

We are well versed now in the myriad of benefits that come along with moving our body that go far beyond the old six-pack. Exercise offers mental clarity and improves memory, it releases endorphins and serotonin that improves mood, it lowers stress and anxiety, improves sleep, increases energy levels and prevents and fights disease. These are evidently the greatest health challenges that we face in the modern world.

Swapping fireworks for fitness is a trend that is only going to expand as our priorities and dedication to wellbeing strengthen. So go ahead, try joining us this January and in 12 months’ time, you will be able to trace the ways that those first few positive steps lay down a framework and foundation for your most successful and fulfilling year yet. On top of that, we guarantee you will also enjoy it!

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