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Transitions | A Journaling Exercise to Call in Your Dreams in 2020


Life is often defined by transitions. Transitions can be something we look forward to, anticipate and choose, like moving house or getting married. Other transitions can be something that we don’t have control over and have to learn how to face and overcome, like losing someone or something we love or losing a job. The new year is an evident transitional period as we close the door on one year and step forward into a new chapter. Of course, time is a human construct! We always have the power to start anew. Yet the new year is a powerful time of reflection and intention setting that allows us to let go of things no longer serving us and step forward with new goals and clarity.

Taking time to honour this transition, especially now as a whole new decade dawns, can be truly rewarding and empowering. So, we invite you to grab a pen and journal, pour yourself a cuppa or a glass of kombucha and jot down the answers to these questions below. Or you are also welcome to just read over them and ponder them: 

Let’s Start by Looking Back Over the Year That Was…

What was the greatest moment of 2019 for you?

What was the most challenging moment of 2019 for you?

Were there any defining transitions that were pivotal for you in 2019?

Do you have any regrets that you learned from over the last year?

If you could describe the past year in one word, what would that word be?

Did you say yes to something that made you happy or proud?

If not, what was it that may have been holding you back in 2019?

Is there a goal that you set for 2019 that you didn’t reach? If so, do you know why?

Were there goals that you set that you did achieve? If so, how did you celebrate these wins?

Take a moment to reflect on these questions and your answers. Do you see any patterns that you may not have been aware of? When you think of the moments that were challenging, can you find gratitude for the lessons that these times offered you? When you think of the wins and the highs, can you channel those emotions into the goals you set for the year ahead?

You may find through this exercise that it was actually the harder moments that instigated the greatest lessons and growth. Change isn’t always easy. We are creatures of habit – we thrive on routine and stable order. Yet oftentimes, it is our routines and habits that can create stagnancy and prevent us from growth and transformation. It takes the shake-ups in life to open our eyes to what is truly important and remind us of how we really want to be living and showing up in the world. 

So, with all this in mind, let’s look forward to 2020: a brand new year and new decade stretching out before you.

What skill did you gain in 2019 that you want to carry into and master in 2020?

What is one thing you are choosing to let go of and leave behind as you step into the new year?

Think about one goal you have this year that you would love to achieve.

What do you need to commit to make this goal a reality in 2020?

Is there a relationship or habit that you are choosing to leave behind as you move forward?

Aside from your one big goal above, what is another area of your life you wish to focus on more in 2020? It may be business, love, finance, wellbeing or another area you want to prioritise. 

What is one word you want to focus on for 2020? Make sure you write this word down and pop it somewhere you see it every day. 

Can you think of anywhere in your life you need more support in 2020 on either a personal level or to reach your goals? What step can you take to find this support?

Finally, write yourself a declaration for 2020. Some examples may be ‘This year I am working on remaining present, practising forgiveness and letting go of things that don’t serve me.’ Or ‘This year I am prioritising my goal to start my own business.’ Or ‘2020 is the year that I will truly love my body and make time for self-care.’ Your declaration can be broad or more specific, or maybe one of each. 

As you read over your declaration, think about how you feel. How do you want to feel in 2020? What kind of life are you inviting in with this declaration? How will you feel when you look back at 2020 in a years time when you have achieved this goal and fully lived and embraced this declaration? 

If you are a more visual person, you may like to write out your words or declarations and add some images, like a vision board. Whatever works for you, keep this close to hand, make your words and emotional goals and declarations part of a daily practice. One of the reasons new year resolutions tend to fail is there is no action plan attached and no real follow-through. By revisiting these goals and truly visioning your goals becoming reality, you embody them. Pop them in the first page of your 2020 dairy or calendar, write them up on your fridge or bathroom mirror, develop your own mantra or visualisation meditation that you can practice daily. 

Remember that life does throw us curve balls and we also change. Allow your goals to have a fluidity that allows for change as the journey unfolds. Keep checking in with yourself and allow your intuition (and not fear or obligations) to guide you. It can sometimes feel as though life is happening out of our control and we are just along for the ride. In reality, you are the captain of your own ship. While we cannot always control what life hands us, we can always control how we react and how we move forward. You have everything you need within you in this very moment to live the life that you dream of. All you need to do is take the first step. 

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