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How A Detox Retreat Can Support You Beyond The Physical

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It’s a bit of a cliche right? The whole ‘New Year, New You’ slogan. It tends to get thrown around abundantly in the wellness world. In many ways, it makes sense and is indicative of new beginnings, fresh starts and positivity. However, a new year doesn’t necessarily mean you need to change. Perhaps you are perfectly happy with yourself just as you are- wouldn’t that be nice?! Rather than looking at ‘New Year New You’ as something you need to change, it can be empowering to look at this idea in terms of finding ways you would like to improve or develop. Maybe this looks like letting go of something that doesn’t serve you, or opening up more space for new aspects of yourself to blossom. 

Alongside the ‘New Year New You’ movement often comes a focus on detox. Again, the wellness world loves to guilt-trip people at this time of the year; most likely your inbox is bombarded with gym membership offers and healthy meal subscriptions! 

At Escape Haven, we like to look at detox in a more holistic way. Detox can indeed mean focusing on the physical body in terms of releasing toxins, losing weight or clearing up impurities in the body. However, a detox isn’t just a physical letting go of things. In fact, a detox can focus just as much on emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing as it can on physical wellbeing.

From this perspective, this dual focus on new beginnings and detoxification that tend to symbolise the month of January can in fact be incredibly powerful and beneficial.

It can be easy to focus on our physical well-being. It is more obvious- we literally see our physical body every single day. We can tell if there are issues that need addressing and we have a relatively good idea of how to look after ourselves, even if we don’t always follow that wisdom! We can prioritise going to the gym, eating a healthy and well-balanced diet and making sure we cleanse and moisturize each day, for example.

When it comes to tending to our emotional, mental and spiritual health, things can be a little trickier. How can we tell when we need a boost, cleanse or refresher in these areas? 

For starters, we need a quiet period of space to drop into these deeper elements of ourselves that are beyond the physical and below the surface. As we all know, we can look a million dollars, but that isn’t a true indication of our wellbeing. A detox retreat offers the opportunity to cleanse, nurture and rebuild these deeper pillars of health that all too often get ignored or disregarded. 

We live in a world where mental health issues are skyrocketing. Depression and anxiety are continuously on the rise. Unemployment and divorce rates are at all-time highs. While community and religion or spiritual practices were once the essence of humanity, these elements have faded into the background. Getting up and getting on is indeed the slogan of modern life. Yet all this bottling up of emotions, all of this disregard for our holistic wellbeing doesn’t go by unnoticed. It has an impact. It affects our energy levels, our mood, our concentration, our ability to love and be loved, our sense of purpose, our ability to live life fully. 

‘In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person unwell or unhappy, they would ask one of four questions: “When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?” ~ Gabrielle Roth

Many of us are acutely aware of the physical benefits of a detox retreat; releasing toxins, allowing the vital organs and digestive system a time of rest and regeneration, on a physical level the skin starts to glow, eyes start to shine, excess weight can start to shift. A juice cleanse or detox can benefit us all- even if we live a healthy lifestyle, the body still requires and greatly benefits from this period of deeper rejuvenation. 

Beyond the cells, organs and bodily systems, a detox retreat can instigate tremendous changes on a more subtle yet nonetheless important, level of our health and wellbeing. 

Mental Benefits of a Detox Retreat

A detox retreat or juice cleanse invites us to do something we rarely do in modern life- stop. The benefits of a detox are actually heightened when we give ourselves proper permission to rest. Being gifted with hours and even days to unwind and relax is almost unfathomable to many of us. When the body is given the time and space to rest, so too is the mind allowed a break. 

Something remarkable happens on a detox retreat- the mental chatter begins to slow down, and these vast openings of blank space allow incredible insights or ‘downloads’ to appear. Many people will attest to having some of their greatest ideas and ‘uh-ha’ moments on a detox. While the initial stages of a detox can leave us feeling a little scatterbrained, as the body settles into the cleanse, many people experience an incredible mental clarity and focus. As the idle chatter of the day to day settles, we are either left to ponder greater thoughts, or, we can simply bask in the lack of inner dialogue and enjoy a mental detox. A detox retreat can quite literally wipe the slate clean, offering us a break from the constant bombardment of stimuli that we are usually forced to address and assimilate.  So, whether you want some time to allow your next great idea to come through, space to write your next book, or just a period of downtime where your brain can also enjoy a holiday, a detox retreat can do wonders for you on a mental level. 

Emotional Benefits of a Detox Retreat

For many of us, when we feel emotional this affects what we eat and how we nourish ourselves. When we are really emotional we may not feel like eating at all, other times, we may comfort eat as a way to self soothe. What this tells us is that our emotional wellbeing is often related to food in one way or another. We can easily develop bad habits and routines when it comes to emotions and eating. A detox retreat is a powerful way to address these issues and start to decipher our emotions and develop new ways to reconnect to our feelings in a healthy way. Taking food out of the equation can stir up all kinds of emotions for us! For some, not having to think about food and meals is a relief. On a detox retreat, we start to realise just how much time cooking, eating, food shopping and socialising around food take up! In a similar way to how a detox can open up mental space, a detox can open up emotional woes and triggers, bringing them to the surface where we can deal with them. Relationships you thought you had dealt with may bubble up. Loss or grief may visit. Things that have been bottled up for years or even decades can rise to greet us. A detox retreat offers a space where you can process these emotions and allow them to leave your body once and for all. A detox retreat can be a wonderful way to sever ties that you have struggled to break or cleanse from a toxic relationship. Just as a detox clears negative and unwanted toxins from the physical body, so too can it clear negative and unwanted emotions. Oftentimes, the ‘lightness’ we feel post-cleanse can be as physical as it is emotional as we let go of the things that have been weighing us down on a deeper level.

Spiritual Benefits of a Detox Retreat

There is a reason why all religions and why all spiritual modalities have fasting and cleansing as a common practice. It is said through many ancient texts that cleansing can bring us closer to ‘God.’ What that God is, is up to you- it may mean a certain religious God, it may mean the greater natural world, some kind of higher force, or even a higher, more aware version of your own self. Cleansing and detoxing is said to open up energetic pathways within us that allow us to reconnect to realms beyond the physical. This doesn’t mean you will start seeing ghosts or become enlightened (unfortunately!) However it can mean that you feel more deeply connected to more esoteric thoughts and ideas. When a detox retreat is combined with meditation or yoga or other spiritual practices, this element of the detox can be even more fully explored. You may find that if you regularly meditate for example, that your meditations are deeper, longer or more profound than usual. Spending time in nature can be a powerful way to connect to this more spiritual dimension as you begin to contemplate your existence and your place in the greater world. Like the mental clarity that comes with a detox retreat, so too comes a type of spiritual clarity- you have greater access to your own intuition and can easily reconnect to deeper levels of your psyche and soul. This is one reason why detox retreats or periods of cleansing can instigate great life changes- insignificant things can fade away as we become more aware of the greater meanings of life. 

From these perspectives, a detox retreat is less about finding your ‘bikini body’ (which we already have- if you have a bikini and a body!) and more about shedding deeper attachments and opening up space for new realisations and insights. This is why a detox retreat can be a powerful and beneficial endeavour as we leap into a new year. Nothing beats starting a new year with a clean slate and true clarity. On our luxury Bali detox retreat you are supported every step of the way. We also have a range of qualified healers on hand to help you work through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects that may arise for you as you cleanse. Intrigued?! Find out more about our Bali detox retreat here. Or contact us with any questions. Get ready to say goodbye to the old and embrace the new.


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