Why Sound Healing is Taking Over the Bali Wellness Retreat World

Why Sound Healing is Taking Over the Wellness World in 2020

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When we look throughout history, sound healing has been utilised in various cultures for thousands of years. Whether through the use of mantras with the Hindus, the medicine melodies of Indigenous people in South America, the dreamtime songs of the Aboriginal people in Australia and the chants or melodic sounds of the Tibetan monks, examples lie all over the world and throughout time. Despite their differences in form, these various sound healing techniques all have the same intention: to move us from a place of imbalance and dis-ease to a place of balance and healing.

Music was never invented or discovered, rather it is something innate in us all. We use music for entertainment, expression, celebration, ceremony, leisure, and communication. Whether we are musically inclined or not, it is the one thing that truly connects humans from all cultures and corners of the earth. It comes as no surprise that for centuries, sound healing has been used as therapy to cure many ailments, to the extent that music’s greatest power may rest in these unique healing properties.

More recently, research has linked music to a number of health benefits, from boosting immune function and lowering stress levels, to even improving the health of premature babies.

In short, sound healing is a practice that uses vibrations (vocal or instrumental gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks) in order to relax the mind and body. The harmonic vibrations from the instruments have a deep penetrating effect on the receiver, lowering blood pressure, improving circulation, reducing respiratory rates and promoting healing and well-being.

The Power of Sound

Sound healing helps to facilitate shifts in our brainwave state. By using rhythm and frequency, it becomes possible to down-shift our normal beta state (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), and even reach theta (meditative state) and delta (sleep; where internal healing can occur). In a sound healing session, the sound acts as the focal point, reducing and eliminating mind chatter, leading to a release of deep rooted tension and emotional blocks. As human beings, we are comprised mainly of liquid, which means these vibrations deeply penetrate the body; the sound resonates directly into our cellular memory releasing blockages and creating a profound sense of peace and relaxation.

Listening to music floods our brains with dopamine and also releases oxytocin, a natural painkiller and hormone that allows us to bond with others. Neurological studies have proven that listening to music makes us more productive and creative and can also relieve stress and improve our mood.

Music For the Mind & Soul

Sound healing has been shown to potentially assist people with Autism, depression, learning disabilities, anxiety disorders, stress and PTSD. It may also help with  pain reduction, improved memory, reduced blood pressure, lower cholesterol and a decreased risk for heart disease and stroke.

In a sound healing session itself,  beyond a deep profound sense of relaxation, you may experience a decrease in stress or anxiety, a release of blocked emotions, an enhanced sense of wellness, a sensation of feeling more balanced within, a quieter mind, improved energy, greater creativity and intuition, a heightened sense of perception and sensation in the body, greater clarity and improved memory and concentration.

Sound healing sessions can be experienced one-on-one with a specially-trained practitioner or in a group environment. A sound healing session may involve sitting or lying down while listening to live instruments. You generally need to do nothing other than remain still, quiet and relaxed and let the sounds wash over you and take effect. Every sound healing session is different for each individual, and the best way to approach a session is to simply remain open and see what arises.

As we turn more and more to alternative therapies and new ways to tend to our holistic well-being, sound healing is quickly becoming a popular way to unwind, de-stress and come back to a place of balance. Sound healing is suitable for everyone and requires nothing of the participant other than being able to listen. Whether any healing, deep insights or transformation occur or not, it is still a thoroughly enjoyable audio journey which in itself is can be a beautiful way to take you out of the day to day and reconnect you to inner self and the incredible power of music.


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