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Simple Ways to Cope and Thrive in Uncertain Times

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There is no arguing that we are currently witnessing an unprecedented moment in human history. Around the world, people are experiencing fear and anxiety. Many are struggling financially and/or facing the loss of their business or jobs. Some of us are in self-imposed or government-imposed isolation, are having to work from home, or have had our day to day lives uprooted in a number of significant or less significant ways.

Uncertainty and change can have a huge effect on our mental and emotional wellbeing. In these times, it is crucial to do what we can to really protect ourselves on a holistic level. While this may mean getting good sleep, staying hydrated and managing proper hygiene standards, it also means switching off the triggers that are causing anxiety and overwhelm and dropping back into a place of balance, wholeness and trust.

Despite what the news is suggesting, we are not powerless right now. 

While there are people suffering and there is good reason to take some extra precautions, it is important to remember that this is temporary and wherever you are reading this from right now, you are not alone.

Our ability to pull through and thrive in this unique environment has so much to do with our attitude. Now is the time to really gather up all those tools in your wellness toolbox and put them to good use!

Now is the time to seek out the silver lining, to make the most of what this time offers and to be pillars of light, strength, compassion and kindness for both ourselves and those around us, especially for those less fortunate than us.

In rapid response to these changing times, ‘virtual wellness’ and ‘virtual therapy’ has exploded in the wellness world, offering remarkable new and simple ways for us to care for our holistic wellbeing from the comfort of our home.

As we pivot our own approach to supporting you as a business right now, we wanted to offer you some ways to empower you to prioritise your mental, emotional and physical health from wherever you are in the world. We are currently working on some brand new ways to support you while the ability to travel to our Bali retreat are limited. We will have much more coming up on this over the next few weeks, but for now, here are some valuable tips and resources for you to utilise.

Use Technology Wisely

Technology and our devices can be friend or foe at times like these. While being informed and educated is important, feeding into too much panic or hysteria is not good for us on any level. Try and limit your intake to what you feel is beneficial for you and then switch off. Make sure you are getting your facts from government official websites that you can trust and not from uncredited resources that may have another agenda.

On the bright side, our devices and the internet also offer us a valuable way to educate, entertain and escape! While you may need to spend more time indoors, be unable to get to your local yoga studio or gym, or have a little extra time on your hands, there are many valuable resources online that you can enjoy.


Take a look at this great article on the best FREE Youtube yoga accounts with lots of great options for high-quality classes at no cost-

You may also want to contact your local studio- many studios are live-streaming classes for their members who are unable to come to the studio.


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Making the Most of Social Media

Social media has changed a lot over the last decade but right now we are being given the opportunity to use these social platforms for the main reason they were created- so that we can stay connected to the people in our lives that matter.

Try and avoid mindlessly scrolling if you feel that this gives you anxiety or places your mind or emotions in a negative space. Instead, start a Facebook group with your family, close friends and even colleagues where you can all stay connected and support one another.

Try your best to share inspiring content and use these social platforms as a source of strength. If you are following a person, group or page that is triggering you, delete or unfollow. You have control of what you see, so make sure these pages are supporting you right now.

More Time For What You Love

If you are at home right now and have extra time on your hands- rejoice in this! Now is the time to do all the things you never have time to do! Dive into those self care rituals that tend to take a back seat in daily life.

Enjoy a hot bath, pull out your yoga mat, bake something delicious, spend time in the garden, call up a friend for a long catch up over a mug of tea or glass of wine, spend time playing with your children, catch up on tasks you have been putting off, write, read. Approach this time as an opportunity to take care of yourself and make the most of what isn’t necessarily a great or ideal situation.

Gratitude and Presence

We always have something to be grateful for. Yes, this is a challenging time and people all around the world are suffering or struggling in various ways. However, now is the time to turn to not only practical and tactile measures to stay healthy, resilient and strong, but also our inner spirit, intuition and knowing.

Dive into the words and profound philosophies of spiritual teachers- many of which come back to very similar ideas; that of love, compassion and simply accepting the present moment as it is. ‘This too shall pass’ is something that we can all benefit from remembering right now.

So often it’s easy for us to draw on words of spiritual or religious significance when all is well in our life. Yet it is in these more challenging times that we need these powerful reminders. Take time right now to be grateful for the small things and grateful for the opportunities this moment is offering. Seek the silver lining wherever you can.

When in Doubt, Give

It can be tempting to drop into a scarcity mentality when times are uncertain. What we need now more than anything is for people to keep their hearts wide open and live from a place of compassion and abundance. We have enough. We have plenty. If you are reading this right now, chances are you are in a better place than millions and millions of people around the world. Now is a time where we have the power to unite and come together so that we can support our community and beyond.

Giving doesn’t need to be financial. It can mean checking in on an elderly neighbour to see if they need assistance. Perhaps it is calling up those you love just to check in on them. Maybe you have a skill you can offer right now or something you can gift people with virtually. It can be as simple as offering a genuine smile to people you see in the street. Try your best and support local businesses. Buy only what you truly need. Think on both a local and global level. This is a time to work as one.

Mental Health and Support

Everything so far shared in this article is designed to support you on many levels, but a key focus is supporting you on a mental health level. If you feel that you are suffering or struggling right now, reach out. Call a friend, ask for help, talk to someone you trust. Many people are facing hard and uncertain times right now. You are not alone, and your problems have solutions.

This article has some incredible online resources for ways to reach out for virtual therapy at this time (or any time) you need someone to talk to –

Coming Soon….

At Escape Haven, we have evidently felt the impact of this global situation. It breaks our hearts that women cannot join us on a Bali retreat right now, women who have been looking forward to this break for many months. We understand this is a time where people need self care practices and tools more than ever before.

In light of these changing times and circumstances, we are currently working on an exciting project designed to bring the Bali wellness retreat experience to you.

Stay tuned for more news to come as we do our best to serve, support, uplift and inspire our community of amazing women all around the world.

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