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Janine’s Ayurveda Story – her journey to a new life, new business and new babies!

How A Bali Ayurveda Retreat Changed the Course Of My Life

In this short video I share the journey I have been on with Ayurveda in the past 15 years. It’s very rare we have an experience that is so profound that its place in your life transforms your entire journey. That was what Ayurveda has been for me. From inspiring me to change my entire life and set up retreats in Brazil then Bali, to letting go of anxiety and burn out, to recovering from a life threatening illness and then going on to have two babies naturally in my mid forties. Ayurveda has been my medicine, my therapy and my go to, for almost two decades.

I introduced it onto our Bali retreats with our popular Ayurveda Retreat package four years ago and have loved seeing how its transformed hundreds of our guests lives ever since. I’m so thrilled we are now offering it as part of our Virtual retreats. If you want to learn more about how Ayurveda can transform your life, make sure you sign up for our FREE virtual mini escape on June 5th here. 



How Ayurveda can transform YOUR life

We are offering free Ayurveda workshop where you can discover your dosha in our next FREE mini escape Bali retreat on June 5th – 7th. Make sure you sign up here and learn about how you can enhance your energy, your mindset and your overall wellness. It can be as simple as learning more about your Dosha.

If you wish to dive deeper, you can experience an entire life changing module in our 6 week course called Escape Haven @ Home which is our virtual Bali retreat. You can find out more here.

You deserve it all, Janine x

2 thoughts on “Janine’s Ayurveda Story – her journey to a new life, new business and new babies!

  1. Charlotte Horsman says:

    Dear Janine

    I am sat here in Abu Dhabi currently not working and taking time out in my morning to sit and watch your video. Your story is incredible. Being 44 myself and until lockdown living a very fast paced life. Your story gives me hope. Thank you so much for sharing. I am so excited now to participate in Escape 3. Xxx

    • Kelly Alexander says:

      Thanks Charlotte, you are very welcome. So pleased it resonated with you and that you have some precious time to invest in you at the moment too. That’s great you are joining us in our Mini Escape 3 this weekend. Look forward to seeing you there. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions on my story in the interim x

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