Your Escape Class Pass

Our Award-Winning Yoga, Meditation & Fitness Classes Home Delivered

Are you missing your favourite yoga or fitness routine right now?

At this moment in time when it is challenging to get to your favourite yoga studio or gym, we wanted to offer you weekly classes that are filmed professionally in our lush Balinese retreat sanctuary, and some of our favourite awe inspiring locations around Bali, which are streamed directly to you at home, wherever you are in the world.

Would you love the opportunity to practice yoga, meditation and participate in fitness classes that are developed at our award-winning women’s wellness retreat?! 

Would you love to train with our experienced, professional and friendly team who make yoga, mediation and workouts accessible and transformative for all levels?

Would you love to discover proven ways to support your mental wellbeing and up-level your physical wellbeing, all from the comfort of your own home?

How about if you could travel virtually so you feel like you are transported to our beautiful island, on retreat, with us, instead of a boring gym or studio?


Are Classes for All Levels?

Yes! All classes are suited for all levels of yoga and fitness. Easier modifications will be given to those who are just beginning and harder options will be offered to those looking to step things up a notch!

How Long Are Classes?

The meditation classes range from 5-20 minutes. Fitness classes are around 20 minutes. Yoga classes have various options ranging from quick express classes to full length 60 minute classes.

How Does It Work?

You have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to our huge library of fresh classes via our easy-to-use platform. These high quality videos are accessible to watch, so you can enjoy them as many times as you please. All you need is a wifi connection and you’re good to go!

What Equipment Do I Need?

The good news is you don’t need any special equipment. Ideally, a yoga mat for the classes is great, however if you don’t have access to a yoga mat, a towel can be used. A bolster or pillow can also be helpful. For fitness classes, all you need are some running shoes. Some classes offer options with a jump rope or light weights, but options are given if you do not have access to these. Comfortable clothing and enough space to lay out a yoga mat is all you need!

Meet your instructors

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Meet Frankie

Head Instructor for Yoga and Meditation

Frankies passion for yoga started in her early twenties when her mother took her to her first yoga class. With this new found passion of yoga and a love for travel she started to dive deep into exploring the different types and paths of yoga all over the world. Since then she has completed many different trainings, from Ashtanga, vinyasa and Mandala to Yin, meditation and breath work. Finally finding herself in Bali which has now been her home for the past 4 years, she continues to explore more ways to deepen not only her practice but also finding new ways to share love, connection and knowledge with her students. Frankie is our head yoga teacher at Escape Haven and is adored by all guests that visit on retreat. She has the ability to make yoga both transformational as well as a lot of fun.

Meet Lucy

Your Fitness Class Instructor

Lucy is our head of guest relations on retreat, however she is also an incredible fitness instructor and her charismatic energy is ideal for motivating you during workout sessions! Lucy offers classes that make you sweat and smile. Classes are short in duration yet powerful in their ability to transform you physically and also mentally, offering a mood-boosting hit of endorphins in every class. Lucy is passionate about movement and fitness and approaches the topics in a way that is accessible for all levels of physical experience.

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Meet Ailise

Your Yoga Instructor

Meet Ailise, one of our wonderful Yoga Teachers and Wellness Experts. She has been with us for almost five years and never fails to make an impact with our guests. Ailise is from the UK and began practicing yoga at just fourteen years of age. She has been teaching for over ten years and says she aims to bring students to a greater experience of themselves. Ailise wants to stretch your mind as much as your muscles and loves to deliver yoga philosophy along with the poses. Having lived abroad for most of her life, Ailise has completed many trainings, retreats and ashram programs. Study is a central part of her practice and she has taken 5 teacher trainings so far! Today, as a mother to a young daughter, Ailise is interested in the role that yoga has in building a mindful community, whether that is in person or a wellness community online. She is looking forward to connecting with you on the mat and sharing the blessings of this practice.


+ If I’m not ready to join the Class Pass this time, do you know will this course be running again?

Yes its an ongoing membership, so you can join anytime you like.

+ What kind of time investment is required?

It depends which additional Class Pass classes you choose – yoga, fitness or meditation – these range in length from 5 minutes – 60 minutes. We designed the Class Pass to be self-paced so you can take as much time as you need and do things on demand and when the time is right for you.

+ Do you offer a refund if it ends up not feeling right for me?

We believe in the value of our Class Pass. You are free to cancel at anytime if you choose to do so. Your membership would cease at the end of your billing cycle.

+ What if I don’t have the time right now to keep up with the course live?

You have access to the Class Pass material whilst you are still a member. You are free to come back and watch any class on replay.