Luxury Bali Detox and Cleanse Retreat

No matter how healthy your lifestyle may be, there is no questioning the fact that everyone benefits from a period of cleansing and detoxing from time to time. A cleanse allows your body to release toxins, shift and let go of stagnant weight, give your vital organs a chance to rest and repair, and ensure that your body is running at its optimal state with a strong immune system. 

Of course, there are a host of additional benefits to a period of cleansing. As the body releases toxins and gently detoxifies, you will also most likely notice physical changes such as clear bright eyes, glowing skin and soft shiny hair, as well as mental and emotional changes including a clear and focused mind, greater joy and a heightened connection to self.

A cleanse is the perfect reset. It allows you the opportunity to let go of habits that are not serving you, clean out your system, and then transition towards healthier ways of living that support sustainable wellness and radiance.

Our Detox Package at Escape Haven is not a ‘hard core’ or overly restrictive cleanse! Through the course of the week your body will be supported with vibrant, nourishing juices that encourage your body to detoxify whilst also flooding your cells with vital life-giving nutrients.

Coupled with the nutritional side of the cleanse, your detox will be supported by a range of treatments and sessions designed to help you gain the most benefits. A nutrition consultation, two Lymphatic Drainage Massages and a Green Tea Scrub are all included.

You will enjoy the juice cleanse for 3 full days within the 6 night retreat. Either side of the juice detox, you will be supported with healthy and lightly detoxifying meals that help you to ease in and out of the cleanse.

Let go of the old and embrace the new with a luxury detox retreat in beautiful Bali. Our experienced and professional team are with your every step of the journey to ensure your week is both deeply transformative and positively blissful.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone looking for a deep detox combined with a luxury retreat in paradise
  • Those seeking to hit the reset button to give the body a much needed break
  • Those wishing for the physical, emotional & mental benefits of a cleanse
  • Those looking to let go of stagnant weight & set new healthy habits in motion
  • Anyone overworked and in need of the support of a healthful cleanse
  • Cleanse newbies or cleanse masters! This is suitable for all levels!
  • Anyone wanting to up-level their health and ward off illness or disease
  • Anyone wishing to learn new ways to support an ongoing healthy lifestyle

How will you feel at the end of retreat?

  • Enlivened, refreshed & thoroughly radiant
  • Energised & uplifted in body, mind & spirit
  • Deeply nourished & reconnected with your inner & higher self
  • Ready to step back into your life with regained vitality, focus & commitment
  • Equipped with the knowledge & skills to support your health long-term
  • Nurtured & fully rejuvenated from a week of unlimited spa treatments
  • Uplifted with a new positive mindset & can-do attitude
  • Grateful for taking the time to prioritise your wellbeing & fill up your cup

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Guests can’t stop talking about their epic memories with us.


“Escape Haven was a life changing experience exceeding all expectations. I was new to yoga and ended up doing things I thought were impossible!”


“Escape Haven feeds every part of you, no matter what your reason for doing the retreat you walk away with so much more… its life changing!”


“There was a special energy there, from the friendly staff to the beautiful food, the blissful setting to the exceptional yoga and surfing experiences”


We invite you to join us

Come and experience the Escape Haven difference. One week is all it takes to reconnect with the most radiant version of you. Join us for a healing journey with a yoga retreat or Ayurveda retreat. Add some action and adventure with a surf retreat or Bali bucket list retreat! Or enjoy our specialised programmes with a Pilates retreat or weight loss retreat. We curate every retreat to suit your unique needs and goals. There are so many reasons why we encourage all women to experience a luxury wellness retreat, but the most important one is- because you deserve it.

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