Escape Haven Inner Circle


Welcome to your exclusive wellness membership community.

This is a monthly membership community that has been created exclusively for our Escape Haven alumnae. It has been designed to allow you to continue your wellness journey with us and to serve as your accountability team, to help you fully realise your goals and enable your very best version.

It’s so easy to start to make changes but when life gets busy and a course or retreat is over, to forget all the tools you have learnt, and revert back to old ways. What about if there was an easier way? A membership that allowed you to continue your life enhancement and optimisation. That allowed you to continue learning how to live better, sleep better, eat better, feel and function better. Imagine how this could permeate all areas of your life – your relationships, your work, your family and your overall happiness?

Who is it for?

– Women who are ready to enhance their health and happiness and become their best version

 – Who want to experience the benefits of a retreat without having to travel to one

– Who want connection to a team of experts that will be in your corner helping guide you and keep you on track

– Who are busy and want simple, practical and powerful tools that work and help them make big strides forward in reaching their wellness goals

What are the benefits of membership?

Escape Haven Inner Circle Inclusions

Don’t Go It Alone

Too many women embark on a wellness journey alone, trying to sift through all of the conflicting information on health and wellness only to often get overwhelmed and give up!

As a result of feeling like they haven’t met their expectations or goals, they end up putting something that is so foundational to their life, their health, in the too hard basket. Before they know it, work has taken over their lives, their sleeping is poor, they are making the wrong nutritional choices, not exercising or breathing well and not doing any of the mindful or self care practices that make them feel great.

After seeing this happen to too many women, who come to our retreats when they are feeling burnt out and sleep deprived and stressed, we decided to create an opportunity to learn directly from our team on our most successful wellness tools and health hacks every month with an personal, guided, curated and simple wellness experience, that works.

All to give you the most healthiest, happiest and empowering 2020.

Do I qualify?

We believe when we give up being new and awkward at learning something, we stop growing. The more we are willing to try new things, the more things we try. We learn how to normalise discomfort and stand stable in new unfamiliar areas which teaches us courage.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to try new things and grow, this won’t be a good fit for you or us. To get the most out of this membership, you must be ready to take responsibility and be open to get awkward and grow.

 We have a “nice people only” policy.

If you have a grateful heart, a positive approach and a willingness to learn,you’ve come to the right place!.

This Inner Circle is a collective of successful females  who have cut the excuses, grown tired of falling back into old ways of living… and have embraced action and the will to optimise their lives and success.

Your Special Offer Ends Monday 6th July!

Sign up to Escape Haven Inner Circle before Midnight, July 6th (AEST) to receive 50% off & additional inclusions!


Inner Circle Membership Investment

Frequently Asked Questions

+ I’m really busy, how much time investment is required?

It is up to you how much or how little you spend on this. There is no pressure and your monthly wellbeing kits are yours to keep. The lessons are up in your portal to consume whenever and however you like. There are alot of live classes each week 17 in total! So you can consume these whenever you like. They are between 5 minutes to 60 minutes in length so depends upon what your day calls for. They are all housed in units under the type of class so easy to go back in the archives too and choose classes that you enjoy the most.

+ When does it start?

It starts whenever you would like it to! As its a rolling program there is no specific start date and no feelings of oh I started late, I am falling behind. The special offer is valid until this Friday however you can start the course whenever you like.

+ Can I join mid way through a month?

Yes no problem. Join whenever you like.

+ What If I want to pull out?

You can easily do that on the monthly option, just flick us an email.

+ Will I be able to do all Live Class Pass classes?

Yes thats included

+ What if I don’t have Facebook?

No problem, you will have all the information you need on your portal. You will be able to connect with the community through zoom classes and bi monthly live calls too and live events.

+ What happens if I am already a member of class pass?

As we are offering class pass for free as an opening offer, you can just be upgraded for free from Class Pass to Inner Circle Membership.

+ Whats the benefits of joining for the year?

You get 2 months for free You get quarterly 1:1 coaching calls or private classes. You can choose from a coaching call with one of our team including Janine or private yoga, fitness, meditation or pilates class.

Application to Join

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