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Welcome toYour 21-Day Nutrition, Yoga & Fitness Virtual Retreat

We know how much information is out there in the wellness world. It can be hard to know what to follow. That’s why we have made things simple for you.

With over 11 years of experience running the highest-ranking women’s retreats in Bali, you are in expert care. We know what it takes to enable women to thrive. Our team of nutritionists, mental health experts, chefs and yoga, fitness and pilates professionals are here to guide you on a transformational, immersive retreat that will help you break free of old habits.

You will learn new ways of living well, enabling you to flourish and become a healthier, happier and stronger version of you, in just 21 days. The tips, tools, classes and workshops are simple yet profound, and designed to empower you to take your own health to new levels, sustainably and permanently.

Nourish @ Home is For Women Who:

  • Want some inspiration for their nutrition and meals
  • Like to learn more about how good their bodies could feel
  • Wish to break the cycle of emotional eating
  • Want to experience better sleep, energy levels and feel good about the way they look
  • Want to find freedom from bad food habits
  • Struggle with making the right food choices and are looking for a solution that works with the demands of their life and schedule
  • Know what they need to do but can’t find the motivation to do it.
  • Would like a gentle detox that will help them form healthy habits and create sustainable weight loss
  • Struggle with body image and want to live in a body they love
  • Have a sweet tooth but succumb to those afternoon cravings
  • Like to work through limiting beliefs and rise up to become their very best version.

Are you feeling overworked, stressed, and feel the pressure to continually overachieve? These factors are allrecognised as contributing to challenges with weight loss and maintaining a healthy diet.

Nourish @ Home Is NOT:

An elimination  diet– we believe in balance

A hardcore cleanse

A deprivation diet

A militant boot camp which is strict and stressful

For those that are after a hardcore deprivation diet

A ‘short-lived gains’ diet, which sees all the weight and more return after the program has finished

For women who treat their bodies unkindly and trade off short-term weight loss for medium-term weight gain

For those searching for a short-term fix without learning life-long skills for positivity, health and nutrition

Guests are raving about the nutritional experiences offered by Escape Haven’s talented wellness experts

“Escape Haven was a life-changing experience exceeding all expectations. I was new to yoga, fitness and nutrition and ended up doing things for my wellness that I thought were impossible!”


“Thanks to the entire team. After what feels like overcoming a lifetime of bad food habits, I now have truly begun living fully again. Thanks for this life-changing experience, I can’t thank you enough!”


“The virtual retreat was transformational. I feel so proud of myself for saying ‘yes‘. Through the support and guidance offered, my life has evolved in such a profound way – I am forever grateful.”


With our special virtual platform, you will be guided and supported through every stage of the 21-day Nourish @ Home experience. Daily emails, online videos, expertly-curated courses and a wealth of informative downloads provide all the information you need to transform your diet, bringing healthy radiant cuisine to your table, to help you shine.

Our talented team of experts is always on hand for you. Plus, an exclusive, private Facebook group provides access to even more information, with Live weekly Q&A sessions and connection to like-minded ladies all over the world, joining you on your journey to wellness.

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What you’ll Learn

Find empowerment and overcome the causes of your overeating habits to easily and deliciously enjoy life to its fullest: 

– Understand why dieting or food restriction is NOT a solution to emotional eating (and why it exacerbates it)

– Learn new healthy habits and how to prepare delicious tasty food for yourself and your family

– Discover how to break the cycle of feast and famine, punishment and reward

– The connection between belly and brain and what to eat to make you feel happ

Increase your emotional awareness – you’ll be able to identify what you’re feeling and understand the cause of it

– Develop effective, alternative coping strategies for dealing with strong emotions

– Plan and make delicious meals for you and your family

What You’ll Take Away

– Knowledge, skills and empowerment regarding metabolism,
blood sugar and digestion

– Understand the role of hydration

– Learn about hormone health and blood sugar balance

– Discover stress Management tips and techniques

– Reduce stress through lifestyle modifications

What Are The Benefits

– Sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed

– Feel stronger, happier and healthier through a wealth of inspiring live classes

– Empower yourself with a collection of wellbeing workshops and life-changing Q&A sessions

– Feel your emotional wellbeing lift as you gain health and positivity

– Lose weight safely and keep it off

– Achieve radiant, glowing skin

– Resolve bloating issues…yes, you can zip those jeans up again!

– Increase your energy and vitality levels

– Improve gut health and immunity

– Curb cravings

The Three Phases of Your Nourish @ Home Programme

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Let go of limiting beliefs and patterns that stand in your way of having a healthy relationship with food. Experience the freedom of having control over your nutrition and choices, and the wisdom to find the perfect balance.

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Reduce certain foods gradually and increase superfoods. Learn creative and inspiring ways to create delicious, nourishing and tasty meals. Develop healthy routines and goals that will nurture you from the inside out.

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Create delicious meal plans and goals to help you make sustainable and manageable lifestyle changes. Rediscover your enjoyment of cooking, for you and your loved ones, with a collection of balanced, nutritious dishes.

What’s Included

Expert Guidance & Support

✓ Powerful video lessons addressing hormone health, nutrition and sleep, finding balance, stress management, emotional eating, releasing limiting beliefs, meal planning, gut health and more

✓ Inspiring wellbeing workshops that will change your relationship with eating and food

✓ One-on-one nutritional consults with Nikki (excludes Base Package)

✓ Live weekly Q&A calls with our Nutrition Expert and Mental Health Specialist

✓ Private Facebook accountability group

✓ Transition help and integration – you’ll be guided back after your reset with tips and tools on integrating your newfound knowledge into your healthy lifestyle

Live Classes

✓ 50 different live yoga, meditation and fitness classes streamed directly from our Bali retreat to your living room

✓ Daily yoga classes led by our experienced yoga teacher, Frankie

✓ Meditation sessions 

✓ Invigorating fitness workouts 

✓ Special wellbeing workshops


✓ Online, private, personalised members’ portal with lifetime access to all content

✓ 21-day Workbook

✓ E-recipe book packed with delicious dishes

✓ Step-by-Step Cooking workshops

✓ Meal plans for 21 days

✓ Coordinated, organised grocery lists

✓ ‘Real food’-based menus that are both gluten-free and dairy-free





Take advantage of our Early Bird sign-up to receive these fantastic bonus inclusions – valued at over US$475 – absolutely FREE:

– Free e-workbook to help you integrate all the tools and tips that are discussed in the powerful lessons valued at US$200

– A one-on-one nutrition consultation with Nikki US$100*

 Free unlimited access for the duration of the course to live yoga, fitness, meditation and pilates classes streamed straight from our Bali retreat valued at US$75

 Free FEAST! e-recipe book showcasing some of the most popular recipes from our retreat valued at US$100

*for guided and coached package only

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With a serious appetite for knowledge and a passion for understanding human behaviour, Nikki’s qualifications include a Bachelor in Human Resource Management, a Bachelor of Health Science with a major in Nutritional Medicine, a post-grad Diploma in Counselling, as well her qualifications as a certified Yoga Teacher.

Nikki’s career has led her from an HR Consulting role, to owning her own health and wellness business for over six years; having her own private practice as a Counsellor and Nutritionist; running women’s retreats around the globe; and now working here in Bali in the fields of addiction counselling, disordered eating, anxiety and stress management as well as teaching Yoga, and general health and wellbeing education.

Our Wellness Leaders

Our wellness leaders are experts in their fields of health and wellbeing. You will work closely with Nikki, our Nutritionist and Mental Health Expert, learn or deepen your yoga and meditation practice with Frankie, and sweat and smile with Lucy our Fitness trainer.

The video lessons and live chats dive deep into everything you need to help you thrive. And our team will be there to answer all of your burning questions to completely customise your Nourish @ Home experience.

We know how much information is out there in the wellness world. It can be hard to know what to follow. That’s why we have made things simple for you. With our 11 years of experience at our award-winning women’s wellness retreats, we understand what women need to thrive.  Furthermore, our wellness leaders will be with you every step of the way, guiding you, inspiring you and supporting you over this fantastic 21-day immersion. The tips, tools, classes and workshops are simple yet profound, and designed to empower you to take your own health to new levels, sustainably and permanently.

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How It Works

  1. You will have access to your own customised online portal, upon which all of the daily videos, audios and worksheets are stored for you. Each week, we will upload the new module for you to work through at your leisure.
  2. You also have access to a private Facebook Group, connecting you with others sharing the same course and journey. The group will also feature your live yoga, meditation and fitness classes, as well as the Live, hosted Q&A sessions.  
  3. You can also work at your own pace each week, completing the various yoga flows, meditations, workouts, tasks and worksheets on demand. 
  4. You have all of the content for life, meaning you can continue with the retreat immersion program for as long as you like! Or pick and choose from the extensive materials to incorporate them into your life in a way that best suits you.
  5. We are on hand to guide and support you, as are your peers, women from all over the world  joining you on your wellness journey
  6. If you are seeking additional support to truly dive deep and further personalise the program, you can join the VIP program, which offers one-on-one support for the full three weeks of the journey with the full team of wellness leaders

+ If I’m not ready to join Nourish @ Home this time, do you know will this course be running again?

Please let us know and we can add you to our email database to keep you up to date with all Escape Haven products, and to let you know when we run the next intake for the Nourish @ Home course. You are free to unsubscribe anytime.

+ What kind of time investment is required?

You can set aside about 30 minutes to watch each lesson video and complete the corresponding task sheet. If you choose to do the additional Class Pass classes – including yoga, fitness or meditation – these range in length from 5 minutes – 60 minutes. We designed the Nourish @ Home course to be self-paced so you can take as much time as you need and do things on demand and when the time is right for you.

+ Do you offer a refund if it ends up not feeling right for me?

We believe in the value of our Nourish @ Home course. But if, for whatever reason, it doesn’t feel ‘right’ once you’re on the inside, we can certainly offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you provide proof that you have completed at least 3 modules of the course. This would be from the date you purchased the course.

+ What if I don’t have the time right now to keep up with the course live?

You have lifetime access to the Nourish @ Home material. You can also complete it self-guided. You can get the same results even with a lower weekly time investment (P.S: Lifetime access means ‘for the life of the course.’ You’ll be given advance notice before anything is taken down, IF we take it down at all).