Immerse yourself in the magic of Bali

Bali is a treasure box of amazing things to discover. Our Bali retreat is placed right in the heart of Bali with great access to some of Bali’s best beaches, shopping, temples and scenery. The famous Tanah Lot temple on the ocean, is 15 minutes away from us; Canggu has a host of fabulous organic cafes surrounding the retreat and lots of beautiful stores and spa’s to while away your afternoons. If you feel like going further afield, the cultural centre of Bali,  Ubud is between 45 minutes to one hour away. We have two personal drivers will whisk you around the sights of Bali and take you beyond the typical tourist trail. Come experience our Bali.


The warm waters and gorgeous coastline make Bali a literal surfers paradise for women of every skill level! Don’t be shy to get out there, let loose and frolic in the warm Indian Ocean. Our experienced, certified instructors will give you one-on-one instruction at a surf break that suits your experience. We can even offer photo analysis if you’re wanting to improve certain aspects of your style.


Our talented meditation teachers will help you to go deep within and experience the true peace of mindful presence through meditation. We have a stunning serene yoga shala set high above two rivers, where you’ll be led through guided meditations to help you to drop away from those endless cycles of thought and connect deeply with your heart centre.


Our rejuvenating spa treatments are the closest thing to heaven on earth! There’s a variety of world-class beauty and wellness treatments on offer at Escape Haven, think everything from massages and body scrubs to manicures and facials. We believe practising self-love is essential so we’ve designed our spa treatment menu to beautify and heal you from the outside in.


Stand up paddle boarding is both peaceful and fun. It’s a great way to exercise your whole body while keeping cool in the water under the warm Bali sun. We’ll take you and a friend out to a beautiful lagoon by Sanur or the gorgeous Jimbaran Bay and teach you the basics before letting you enjoy yourselves gliding across the surface while you build your core strength and connect with your inner sense of play.


Whatever your fitness goals, we’ve got the workout for you. Our world-class trainers can take you for a private session of dancing, boxing, high-intensity interval training or even aquafit in our pool. You can make the tropical gardens of our retreat your gym or head down for a beach workout followed by a spontaneous dip into the sea to cool off.


Sundays Beach Club is nestled at the bottom of the soaring limestone cliffs of Uluwatu and is a VIP beach club experience. You’ll spend the day lounging in complete luxury while being served cool drinks and listening to mellow tunes on this little piece of private beachfront paradise. The views are incredible, the food is scrumptious and the service is first class. Despite its namesake, Sundays Beach Club is the perfect way to spend every day.


Traditional Indonesian food is rich with flavour and history. Our cooking class is taught by Ibu Soelastri, an Indonesian chef who draws on recipes developed over hundreds of years and passed down to her through the women in her family. Indulge yourself in the intricate spices and flavours of creating Indonesian food with this fun and filling cooking-class for every skill level.


This is a once in a lifetime adventure where you’ll take a cycling tour through the cool mountainous area of the Mount Batur region. The day starts with a delicious brunch served beside an ancient volcanic lake before you start the easy downhill ride. You’ll travel through small rural villages and breathe in the lush countryside of this untouched paradise as the wind blows in your hair.


Just off the east coast of Bali you’ll find the clear water and white sandy beaches of both Lembongan and Ceningan Islands. These little slices of heaven offer snorkelling or diving adventures where you’ll be able to get up close and personal with iridescent tropical fish and healthy coral of every colour in the rainbow. The amazing visibility allows you to safely explore the underwater reef to your heart’s content.


Imagine yourself trotting down the beach as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean and a gentle breeze ruffles the mane of your trusty steed. You’ll visit the stables to be kitted out with everything you need for a one-hour early evening horse ride that will leave you feeling like the heroine of a movie. You’ll breathe in the salty air and be lulled by the gentle lapping of waves as you connect with your horse and the beauty of Bali’s beaches at dusk.


Channel that creative spirit with a silver jewellery making class where you’ll learn how to craft earrings, a necklace or a ring to represent your healing journey in Bali. Our expert tutor, Ibu Alila will guide you through the process and help you to craft two beautiful pieces to take home with you.


Women have been consulting the tarot cards since ancient times and this magical tarot reading experience can help to shed new light on your current situation or your future path. Our tarot card reader, Sylvie will come to Escape Haven and help you to resolve those tough life questions with a mystical wisdom that’s both beyond logic and understanding.


This Balinese healing experience will open your mind and your heart. A visit with high priestess Ibuh Illuh involves a combination of traditional and western therapies to help you release any negative energy or imbalances that could be affecting your physical and emotional health. Balinese healers are said to inherit their powers and High Priestess Ibu Illuj is the 6th in a line of powerful healers in her family. Expect to walk away from this experience feeling rejuvenated, light and happy.


What could be more symbolistic of a Bali retreat than a visit to the butterfly park where you’ll see tropical butterflies in every stage of life. From glistening chrysalis to fully emerged giant tropical butterflies. You can wander through the green gardens and over the quaint bridge then sit peacefully and wait for a butterfly to land on you for that perfect photo opportunity.


Mount Batur soars 1,717 meters into the clouds and makes for an incredible sunrise adventure. You’ll wake early and drive to Kintamani for a guided 2 hour trek to the peak. Once you reach the summit you’ll warm your hands with a hot drink and watch as the sun rises casting a magnificent view over the caldera lake. If the weather is clear you can even see as far as Lombok and Mount Rinjani in the east before trekking back down for a muscle-soothing soak in the hot pools on the way home.


All yoginis should try aerial yoga at least once in their lives. It’s a safe and fun way to stretch out the body and have a giggle as gravity works its magic. You’ll be suspended in strong fabric hammocks which allow your spine to float downward creating space between the discs and leaving you with a lovely calm and centred feeling. Serenity Guest House is a short trip from Escape Haven and has the best aerial yoga instructors in the business.


Based in central Bali this natural holy water spring is a refreshing and spiritual way to cleanse your body, mind and spirit. The 12 step water cleansing ritual takes place in a temple steeped with the sound of prayer and shadowed by a towering banyan tree. You’ll wear a traditional Balinese ceremonial outfit (a sarong, sash and a kebaya) into the water and be guided through the cleansing and blessing by an Ibu who will explain the significance of this shrine which is dedicated to Vishnu, the Hindu God of water.


The view from Tanah Lot temple at sunset is nothing less than extraordinary. This 16th-century Balinese temple is built about 300 meters offshore on a large rock which at high tide makes it appear to float in the ocean. At low tide, you can approach the temple for a traditional Balinese blessing and even touch the holy snake as the waves crash offshore and fragrant incense sticks burn around you.

Give it a go!

You’re in a safe environment at our Bali surf spa retreat; a surf camp for women that not only lets you enjoy the benefits of a yoga retreat – but also experience a surf holiday and spa retreat at the same time! Remember, this is your surf holiday – there is no pressure to join all the activity programs. You choose how much, or how little, you do throughout your retreat experience.

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