Bali’s Best Surf, Fitness & Yoga Retreat


We are so grateful to be recognized as Bali’s best Surf, Fitness Yoga and Healing retreat for women by the media, Trip Advisor and our previous guests alike.With over a decade of experience and listening to the needs of over 6000 wonderful women, we continue to develop our incredible retreat program making Escape Haven a lifetime experiences for every woman that join us. There are now over 40 experienced team members working with us. We pride ourselves on providing THE highest quality of service in Bali. It’s our passion and promise and we’d love to invite you to share our world

  1. Most experienced, professional and qualified team who excel in their respective field
  2. Largest and most luxurious property in Bali
  3. Unlimited Spa with our 7 key retreat packages with the largest spa menu and a team of professional therapists
  4. The most yoga with twice daily classes for all retreats and unlimited yoga onsite and offsite for our Yoga & Ayurveda Retreats
  5. Unlimited sightseeing to explore the magic of Bali off the beaten track. 4 chauffeurs and over 20 complimentary itineraries on offer
  6. Most experienced, professional and qualified team who excel in their respective field
  7. Best value with diverse package and accommodation options to suit all taste and budgets from US$2,295
  8. Most awarded, recognized and highest ranking retreat in Bali
  9. Boutique experience with small groups that average 12 women per retreat
  10. Transformational experience with dedicated healing therapies to nurture mind, body and soul
  11. A core team of western hosts to assist you on your retreat week and help you to customize your stay to meet your needs and goals
  12. Nourishing, abundant spa cuisine meals prepared daily by our professional therapeutic wellness chefs with both nutrition and flavour in mind

The quality and quantity of retreats offered in Bali continues to build and we feel privileged and honoured to sit firmly at the top when it comes to a Bali retreat experience. We are passionate and dedicated about bringing the highest quality experience to each and every guest that joins us. We uphold this commitment in diverse and numerous ways. Here are just a few examples of how we offer the highest quality experience:

  1. We order over 8 kgs of sweet-scented colorful flowers every week to adorn the retreat living spaces, rooms, bathrooms, yoga shala, dinner tables and spa treatment rooms. The sight and aroma is wonderful!
  2. Our Spa facility is custom built – we have 2 stunning outdoor shalas perched above the river exclusively built to offer the best in pampering spaces. We have over 20 spa treatments on offer administered by our professional spa team. Experience absolute bliss and luxury!
  3. We spend no less than 1 hour each day preparing the themes and table settings and plans for our meals. We believe that meal times should be a sensory experience with beautiful table settings, delicious nutrient-dense food and wonderful conversation. Each meal is meticulously and lovingly planned from the menu, table setting, aromatherapy scents, lighting and play lists. A real experience!
  4. We create 2 liters of custom blended aromatherapy oils each month. This is used for our cool scented face towels, our custom blended spa products, our room scents, yoga mat refresher, aromatherapy burners and our pillow sprays.
  5. We have the highest spec retreat in Bali and really set the standard in luxury, allowing guests to enjoy plenty of expansive space, exclusivity and privacy.
  6. Our mouth-watering cuisine really sets us apart and we value quality, flavour and nutrition at all times. We source ingredients from local organic suppliers, meals are prepared by qualified chefs, and all dietary requirements are easily catered to.
  7. We have personal drivers at your disposal to whisk you around Canggu and beyond.
  8. Our villa retreat location is in the trendiest and most desirable area of Bali. Tucked away from the outside world in picturesque nature, you are still only moments away from the beach, shops, days spas and sights of gorgeous Canggu.
  9. We have the highest staff to guest ratio amongst all retreats. In villa and activities, staff alone outnumber guests by a factor of 2:, allowing us to offer the discreet personalized service that we are awarded for.
  10. We go the extra mile- complimentary offers and special touches are our passion. Just a few of the complementary elements of the retreat include a traditional Balinese welcome ceremony, ‘sweet dreams’ sleep packages, butler-drawn floral baths, nightly turn-down and love notes, pool-side beverages and healthy snacks, kindles with self-help and inspirational reads, unique cultural activities and trips, and so much more.

Hours of dedicated planning and care goes into our retreats long before each guest steps foot through our sanctuary doors.

With detailed preference forms and exceptional customer support, we tailor and customize your retreat right down to your favourite colour, food preferences, activity level and of course, your unique retreat goals and needs. All you need to do is arrive. You’ll be met by our smiling team, served iced tea and some gourmet delights, shown around your home away from home, and then whisked into a massage to start your week of bliss with us!

For every element of the retreat packages, we go above and beyond in every way we can to make these experiences the best of the best. Our Surfing Retreat is a roaming retreat, allowing you to experience Bali’s best surf breaks for your level and supported every step of the way by professional surf instructors that are part of our team. Our Yoga Retreat offers more yoga than any other retreat and includes a variety of classes, styles and yoga workshops to help you not only deepen your practice, but also take your yoga off the mat into your daily life. Our Fitness Retreat includes unlimited access to Canggu’s only luxury, air-conditioned gym, plus an exhilarating sunrise hike up Mt Batur! Finally, our Ayurveda retreat is the only one of its kind in Bali, offering deep, healing treatments by an Ayurvedic expert.

Detailed care also goes into celebrating the Balinese culture from which we operate from and each retreat blends a unique range of activities and experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in the beautiful Balinese way of life.

Nothing is done by chance or on a whim! Rest assured that from the moment you arrive, your every need will be taken care of, that is our promise to you.

Our Core Pillars of Wellbeing

One defining factor that sets Escape Haven apart from other Bali women’s wellness retreats is that the retreat experience isn’t only an indulgent break in paradise, it is also a deeply transformative, healing and life-changing journey. Reawakened, enlivened, and brimming with vitality, you return to your world a new person, with new energy, goals, confidence and passion. The retreat week isn’t a mere pause button, it is a re-set, an opportunity to realign with your true self and then take the next step on your life path. Every single element of the Escape Haven experience has been meticulously designed to support you on this journey.

Yin & Deep Rejuvenation

Relaxation and rejuvenation are key elements of every retreat, offering you the chance to completely let go, unwind and allow yourself to be nurtured. Twice daily yoga classes are offered onsite allowing you to dive deeply into your yoga journey with the support of our talented and highly qualified team of full-time yoga teachers. In our Yoga Refresh and Ayurveda Healing retreats, unlimited yoga onsite and offsite is also included. Unlimited spa pampering allow you to find that inner place of tranquility, peace and bliss. With over a dozen therapists and over 20 unique spa treatments, spa sessions go beyond indulgence to deep healing, nurturing body, mind and soul.

Sleep & Replenishment

Sleep is such an important factor for all guests on retreat. We go to great lengths to make sure that every single night offers you the opportunity to dive into and surrender to a deep restful slumber. Quality mattresses, pillows and bedding in every air conditioned sleep sanctuary room is just the beginning. Our complimentary ‘sweet dreams’ offerings include lavender essential oils, evening massages, guided sleep meditations, sleep-enhancing music, herbal teas, calming bed-time snacks and butler-drawn flower baths all designed to ensure a replenishing nights sleep.

Food & Nourishment

Our retreat cuisine perfectly balances flavour with nutrition. We believe in abundance and meal times are an opportunity to deeply nourish your body with organic wholefood dishes created by our professional wellness chefs. Meals focus on lightly detoxifying dishes that are primarily free from gluten, dairy, refined sugars and anything remotely artificial and utilize fresh produce from local organic farms. Balancing Balinese flavours with innovative western dishes, you will leave retreat glowing with renewed vitality.

Yang & Activation

Balance is key to all things in life. Along with the rejuvenating yin elements of the retreat, exhilarating movement-based yang activities such as surfing, fitness sessions, scenic volcano hikes, stand-up paddle boarding, snorkelling, sunset horse riding and other options that get your heart rate up and push your boundaries by allowing you to try something new. These yang elements help to build self-empowerment, strength and courage and are also a lot of fun too.

Culture & Exploration

Beyond the commonly portrayed tourist traps, Bali is a magical wonderland just waiting to be explored and experienced. Unlimited sighting allows you to be introduced to Bali’s beautiful land, culture, people and traditions. We have 4 chauffeurs and over 20 different tours beyond the common tourist trails. Beauty awaits behind every corner and a smile is never far away. From small countryside villages in Ubud, to the breathtaking remote beaches of Uluwatu, to traditional Balinese ceremonies, we allow you to experience the ‘real’ Island of the Gods.

Healing & Transformation

The healing element of an Escape Haven retreat is one of the defining factors that really sets us about from other Bali retreats or Bali Sanctuary for women. Our goal is not simply to offer you a blissful, indulgent and memorable vacation. Our aim is to help you evolve and awaken on a deeper level. A unique range of professional therapies are available to help you heal and transform in body, mind and spirit with therapies including Reiki, Theta Healing, Heller Bodywork, Chakra Balancing, Tarot and more. Let go of anything holding you back in life, heal past wounds, learn self-care skills and leave feeling strong, clear and inspired to step into the life you have been dreaming of.

Why Us

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of potential

At Escape Haven we believe that every woman has the ability to rejuvenate, transform and blossom into the most radiant version of herself when given time, space and the support of a nourishing, uplifting environment.

We believe that a woman can only give what she has – which is why we think it’s important for her to press pause and replenish her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tank every now and then. Our belief is that by investing in her wellbeing and giving back to herself, a woman can live up to her full potential, fulfil her dreams, and ultimately, give back to others.

We believe every woman deserves to be nourished from the inside out, and pampered from the outside in, which is why we have created a luxurious sanctuary exclusively for women to reclaim their depleted energy and be nurtured back to a state of flourishing vitality.

We believe in the power of potential and the potency of the collective – that anything is possible, and that bringing women together creates an empowering sense of connection, community, and sisterhood that inspires profound positive change.

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