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If you’re ready to invest in yourself and your future and dive into a high quality, self paced, practical and inspiring Meditation and Breath Coach training, with a team of experts that leave you feeling motivated and inspired, like you have made the most of 2020….The Escape Haven Method has your name on it!

By the end of this training, you’ll have expanded your wellbeing tool kit and confidently able to teach over 14 different techniques and styles….all from the comfort of your own home!

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Through this training you will…

  • Get hands on knowledge and instruction from experts 

  • Teach with confidence by expanding your knowledge of 14 different types of Meditation and Breathwork

  • Become a Yoga Alliance Certified Meditation and Breath Coach

  • Know exactly what to implement in your own wellbeing business.

  • Have your own life long wellbeing resource library

  • Join an inspiring community of women who are on the same path

  • Come behind the scenes and see how we run 50  Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork classes 

  • Start immediately, no equipment required, easy to access portal

  • Do training on demand, at home, when you like. You’ve lifetime access and its all self paced

Who is this training for?


Those who are yoga teachers or wellness professionals and want to expand their credentials

You don’t need to either be a yoga teacher, or want to become one, to do this course

Perhaps you will be joining simply to expand your own practice and to nourish your health and happiness and maybe that of family and friends too. 

Others will also be looking to gain the coach training certificate and to start to generate an income for themselves and build their new or existing businesses with ease and knowledge.

Whatever the reason, you don’t need any prior experience, and we cater to every level.

Why Us?

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Learn from the leading wellness retreat in the world

Our training has been designed by us at Escape Haven, after running one of the world’s most awarded yoga and wellness retreats. We have taken over 10,000 women through our transformational award winning yoga journey’s and have been asked by so many guests to create a training, they can take home with them.

It’s our pleasure to finally be able to offer this, and combine our expertise into this informative, inspiring and education 20 hour meditation and breath coach training.

We transport you to our luxury women’s retreat in Bali, so you will feel like you are here with us. Instead of being inside a stuffy classroom, all this training content is shot in lush Bali, which makes it inspiring and easy to digest.

As a bonus, you also get to come behind the scenes of our yoga retreat and join in on 50 live classes as an additional bonus to the training. This means you get to see our teaching styles on our award winning retreat,  in progress and observe or participate, as you like.

Experience Expert Trainers

Expert award winning team – you will be guided by not just one expert but three. Our team at Escape Haven have guided thousands of women through yoga, meditation and breathwork journey’s.

The team have extensive qualifications and credentials, gained over the years, that means you are in safe hands and expert care. Megan, our head instructor, has trained hundreds of students to become yoga instructors. She gives hands on feedback and personally watches and marks every assignment and course video, giving detailed feedback.

The team also like to have fun so whilst these trainings cover alot, they are conducted in an easy to follow, fun and practical way.

Chakras lesson

Learn to Teach With Confidence

This training gives you the dose of confidence and focus to improve your wellbeing, your friends and family and that of your clients too. It  helps you create more income, with easy to follow frameworks, downloadable worksheets and strategies.

This gives you the ease to teach with confidence a range of styles and techniques with a solid foundation of education. We guide you through over 14 different styles and techniques.

We encourage you to start teaching right from day 1 and will support you to do this through threading the art of teaching in each module. That means, by the time you reach the exam at the end, you’ll be confident and well versed in teaching Meditation and Breath.

This will include not just classes, but specialised workshops too. There is an art and method to facilitation, so we will train you how to create your own stories, methods, and classes too.

Gain Insider Business Knowledge

Imagine getting hands on business guidance by someone who was one of the first to pioneer the yoga retreat industry 13 years ago and has created multiple multi 7 figure wellbeing businesses. In this training, that is exactly what you receive. Janine’s passion, is passing on her knowledge and support to women on their journeys, to help make the road easier and overwhelm free!

This will inspire and empower you to have financial certainty and develop your business with sound strategies and techniques that are easy to implement, practical and that work. Whether you have a business or are wanting to start one, or interested in deeper marketing and business fundamentals, this applies to you. 

The bonus business module also includes a live group coaching call with Janine where you will have direct access to ask any burning business questions you may have and hear about her story, her success tips and the banana skins she faced along the way on her path to success so you can avoid these and move towards your business goals with ease and confidence.

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Meet Your Teachers

Meet Megan

Lead Meditation and Breathwork Trainer

Discovering the power of the mind through meditation is one of the greatest gifts I’ve experienced in life. I’ve practiced and taught meditation for over a decade, and trained more than 600 yogis to become yoga and meditation teachers during that time.
My meditation journey began with my lifelong passion for creative writing; as a writing tutor and editor, I began teaching modern meditation and breathwork techniques in 2010 as a creativity aid for writers, to help them find their voice and access their flow state. I shortly after attended my first yoga teacher training and fell in love with the Vedic origins of the practices.
In 2013, I moved to Japan, where I lived for three years and devoted myself to the study of Buddhist philosophy, frequently visiting temples and monasteries to practice Zen Buddhist meditation with the monks. During my time in Japan, I also made my first trip to Bali, “the island of the Gods” where my eyes were opened to Hinduism, and where I continued my yoga training with two additional YTTs. I eventually moved to Bali in 2016 and became a lead yoga teacher trainer for various yoga schools before moving onto Escape Haven’s Palm Tree House Retreat in 2018.
To this day, I study and teach meditation under the guidance of the healer, Pak Merta Ada, who is the guru of Bali Usada Meditation, as well as with the priestess Bunda Parvati in a sacred village in East Bali. I traveled to India in 2018 to learn more about Vedic mantra and kirtan at the Krishna School of Music in Pushkar, and have been guiding yoga, philosophy, and meditation teacher training’s of my own since then.
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Meet Frankie

Head Instructor for Yoga and Meditation

Frankie’s passion for yoga started in her early twenties when her mother took her to her first yoga class. She loved how within just 1 class she was able to disconnect from the busyness of the outside world and discover so much about herself and the power of yoga and meditation. With this new found passion of yoga and a love for travel she started to dive deep into exploring the different types and paths of yoga all over the world, since then she has completed many different training, from Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Mandala to Yin, Meditation and Breathwork.

Finally finding herself in Bali which has now been her home for the past 5 years she continues to explore more ways to deepen not only her practise but also finding new ways to share love, connection and knowledge with her students. 

She has been a lead Yoga and Meditation Instructor at Escape Haven and The Palm Tree House for the past 3 years where she has guided hundreds of women on transformational yoga journies.

In her classes she encourages the ladies on retreat to let go and to have some fun, as yoga is not meant to be serious but rather a whole journey into discovering who we truly are. She very much believes in what Larry Schultz taught “You just walk in, you have fun, you breathe, you do what you can, you walk out and you pay attention to how you feel”

Over the years Frankie has invested heavily in a broad range of traning spanning from Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Rocket yoga RYT 200 Hours – The Yoga People 

Swadisthana Chakra and Five Languages of Love, Advanced Ashtanga The Yoga People , Yin Yoga 100 Hours – The Yoga People, Mandala & Shamanism 100 Hours – The Yoga People , Breathwork Training – Bliss of Breath with Christabel Zamor.

She has a passion for enabling women to step outside of themselves and dive within, finding their peace and bliss through breath and movement.  

Meet Janine

Founder of Escape Haven and The Palm Tree House

Janine Hall is a serial entrepreneur who was one of the first to pioneer the global wellness retreat industry in 2008. She left a very successful international marketing career with various Head of Marketing roles that she held around the world, when she realised her ladder was leaning against the wrong wall and corporate success wasn’t making her happy and burning her out in the process.

Since 2008, she has created Escape Haven the worlds most awarded women’s retreat and her boutique retreats, The Palm Tree House. Both sit at number 1 and 2 on Trip Advisor in Bali and are responsible for transforming over 10,000 womens lives through yoga, ayurveda, surfing, pilates, fitness and wellness.

Through these, she is able to live her passion and purpose of positively impacting women through offering her transformational wellbeing retreats that change lives. She also has become a certified RYT300 hour Yoga and Meditation teacher through Yoga Alliance and also became a Meditation and Breath Coach, as knows how transformational these tools are.

Her goal is to help as many female wellness entrepreneurs, coaches and women, realise their dreams in business and avoid the banana skins that she slipped on during the path to success. 

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What’s Included?

Video Lesson

MODULE ONE: The Fundamentals of Breathwork: Basic Techniques & Physiology


  • What is Breathwork and Meditation?
  • History and Origins of Pranayama (Breathwork) and Meditation
  • The Anatomy of Our Breath: Muscles and movements of our respiratory system, as well as how our posture affects our breath.
  • Our Autonomic Nervous System: Understanding the vagus nerve and how working with the breath affects our nervous system
  • Stress and Our Breath: How stress levels, sleep quality, and so much more affect our breath and vice versa.
  • Practicing Safely: Safety concerns for both teacher and student, contraindications, and how to teach and practice safely and mindfully
  • TECHNIQUES INCLUDE: Basic Breath Awareness, Basic Anapana Meditation, Finding Resting Breath Rate, Belly Breath, Chest-to-Abdomen Breath/Full Yogic Breath, Sama Vritti (Equal Ratio Breath) and Vishama Vritti (Unequal Ratio Breath)


  • What is Prana, and How Does Breathing Affect Our Energy?: Introduction to the prana vayus, as well as the concept of kumbhaka pranic holds. Benefits of breath holds for the body and mind.
  • Neuroscience and Breath: How the way we breathe can change the way we think.
  • Physiology and Breath: How the breath affects our other bodily systems and can help regulate body temperature, heart rate and mood.
  • The Art of Teaching: How to introduce breathwork to your students or clients.
  • TECHNIQUES INCLUDE: Sheetali (Cooling Breath), Sitkari (Hissing Breath), Ujjayi (Victorious Breath), Viloma Krama (Step Breath), and Brahmari Pranayama (Humming Bee Breath)

MODULE TWO: Deep Energising and Cleansing Breathwork Techniques and Holds


  • The Nadis, Energy Channels in the Body: Understanding the ida and pingala nadis, as well as the sushumna nadi and kundalini energy
  • History of Alternate Nostril and Single Nostril Breathing:
  • Theology Lesson: Discover the Hindu deities Surya and Chandra and their relationship to the breath
  • Scientific and Health Benefits and Contraindications of Nadi Shodhana and its effects on things like sinusitis and deviated septum.
  • Teaching Fundamentals of Nostril Breathing: How to guide the practice safely for your clients based on their individual needs.
  • TECHNIQUES INCLUDE: Surya Bhedana (Sun/Right Nostril Breath), Chandra Bhedana (Moon/Left Nostril Breath), Anulom Viloma (Alternate Nostril Breath), Nadi Shodhana (Nadi Purifying Breath)


  • Kriyas and Shatkarmas: Understanding the yogic cleansing techniques, their history and practice, and their application in the modern day.
  • Bandhas: Understanding the main three yogic bandhas, or energy locks, and how they work with the breath to hold energy at various points
  • Scientific and Health Benefits and Contraindications of Kriya Breathing and Full Bandha Pranayama. Recognizing the signs of hyperventilation and knowing when to stop.
  • Teaching Fundamentals of Deep Cleansing Breath Practices: How to guide these practices safely for appropriate clients.
  • TECHNIQUES INCLUDE: Bhastrika (Bellows Breath), Kapalabhati (Skull-Shining Breath) and Full Bandha Pranayama

MODULE THREE: Meditation and Mantra


  • Benefits of Yogic Meditation: Discovering the power of the mind and the scientific effects of meditation on our neurology. How meditation can enact lasting holistic change in the body.
  • Make it Personal: Choosing the type of meditation, and how to choose the right meditation for you or your clients based on personality, learning style, and Ayurvedic dosha.
  • Chakras: Energy centers within the body, how they affect our physiology, and how meditation impacts the chakras.
  • Mantra: Effect of mantra chanting, whether mentally, mumbled, or aloud, on the nervous system. Introduction to “So Ham” mantra
  • Teaching Meditation: Creating a safe and sacred space, grounding techniques for before and after the practice, setting expectations/intentions, maintaining peaceful tone of voice, pacing, duration of silence, etc.
  • TECHNIQUES INCLUDE: Kaya Sthiram (Body Stillness Meditation), Zen Meditation, Bija Mantra Meditation


  • History of Yogic Meditation: Vedic origins of meditation as prayer, and later Raja Yoga and the practices of pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and samadhi as described in the Yoga Sutras. The goal of meditation towards liberation from suffering. How meditation works to quiet the mind.
  • Common Vedic Mantras, Their Meanings, and Applications. Similarities and Differences with Transcendental Meditation (TM).
  • The History and Practice of Mala: Meditation Beads.
  • Teaching Mantra: How to choose simple mantras or affirmations for yourself and your students to their maximum benefit.
  • TECHNIQUES INCLUDE: Vedic Mantra Chanting, Kirtan (Mantra/Prayerful Song), Japa Mala Meditation (Mantra Recitation Beads)

MODULE FOUR:  Mindfulness Meditation


  • Monkey Mind and the 5 States of Mind: Observing the thoughts and feelings to find equanimity. Explanation of vipassana practice.
  • Philosophy: The Story of the Buddha and his system of meditation to alleviate the world’s suffering. Insight, Wisdom, and Equanimity.
  • Yogic Sleep: Recharging the soul through conscious, mindful rest. The history of yoga nidra as popularized by Swami Satyananda Saraswati.
  • Body Scanning Meditations: How to introduce the practice to your clients, pacing your cues, and drawing their awareness back.
  • TECHNIQUES INCLUDE: Anapana Sati (Meditation on the Breath), Vipassana (Body-Scanning Insight Meditation), and Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)


  • The Power of the Present Moment: How we can apply mindfulness to every moment and movement in our lives.
  • The Science of Mindfulness: How it’s being used to help people overcome addiction and form healthy habits.
  • Teaching Mindfulness: How to guide clients to enter more mindful states throughout their everyday lives.
  • TECHNIQUES INCLUDE: Walking Meditation, Moving Meditation (Ecstatic Dance)
meditation by pool
Sound Breathing

MODULE FIVE: Guided Visualisation Meditation 


  • Ekagrata or One-Pointedness: How to find one-ness with an object of visualization through meditation.
  • Yantra and Sacred Geometry: common elements, how to meditate with yantra, and how to create your own.
  • Teaching Eyes-Open Visualization Meditations: Choosing the object of focus and how to maintain the drishti.
  • TECHNIQUES INCLUDE: Eyes-Open Meditation, Yantra (Sacred Geometry) Meditation


  • Loving Kindness and Compassion: The history of Metta Meditation, and its affects on our own sense of peace, as well as peace for the whole world. Buddhist practice as well as the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness meditation.
  • Manifestation: How our thoughts affect the world around us, and the neuroscience to support this. How we can visualize through meditation the reality we want to create for ourselves.
  • How to Teach Visualization Meditations: Being trauma-sensitive in our cues and visualization techniques.
  • TECHNIQUES INCLUDE: Metta Meditation, Ho’Oponopono Meditation, Guided Visualization


The Art of Teaching – Exam and Assessment


  • Teaching Styles and Formats, And Choosing Appropriate Techniques for Your Individual Students/Clients
  • Creating Meditation Scripts and Class Plans, and Sequencing for Consistency and Progression
  • Running Themed Workshops and Classes
  • Coaching Tips and Techniques
  • Creating Courses (Both Online and In-Person)


  • Pre-Recorded Video Teaching Assessments and Demonstration
  • Online Meditation and Breathwork test
  • Journal Reflections Sharing




Building your Wellbeing Business 

  • Janine takes you through an inspiring and motivating module that will helps build your wellbeing or coaching business with practical, overwhelm-free advice.
  • Gain understanding on business strategy and marketing fundamentals.
  • How to attract the right customers and make them raving fans
  • The most common mistakes more wellbeing and coaching businesses make and how you can avoid these
  • The power of social media
  • Why most online wellbeing and coaching businesses can’t seem to break the 6 figure threshold, and how you can
  • Done for you worksheets and check lists to help you create income the easy way

Take the opportunity of time and space to expand your training and wellbeing tool box and take control of your future in 2021/2022.

What our clients have to say

“The team at Escape Haven are incredible. My love of meditation and yoga has been reawakened and I can’t imagine ever abandoning these self care practices again”


“What can I say – incredible, amazing, life changing experience. The way Frankie explains things made so much sense. I felt the penny drop and was able to release so many limiting beliefs that I had been carrying onto the mat for years. Thank you so much!”


“Thank you for this gift, I feel like I’ve got myself back after the deep dive into meditation and breathwork with you guys.”


Your Private Members Learning Portal

Health Disclaimer

We are not doctors and are not qualified to diagnose anything medically specific to your breath or meditation practice. Breathwork is very safe however if you are concerned about any health related issues, our recommendation is to seek the advice of your dr before taking part in this course.


What This Course is Not 

During this course you will not be taught advanced breath practices such as shamanic, rebirthing or circular breathing. We are focusing on the fundamental breathwork practices that are accessible to everyone and that can be taught straight after the training.

For more information please visit our Terms and Conditions here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is this course self- paced or do I need to do it at certain times and finish by a specific date?

This course is self – paced meaning you can train when it suits you best. You get immediate access to the portal and your lessons. There is a live component in the form of the bonus scheduled live Q&A calls that happen via Zoom and are also streamed live on Facebook. 

One thing to bear in mind is that if you are after the ability to work as a Meditation and Breath Coach then you have 5 months to complete the course. This is from the date you sign up through  to successfully completing the exam. At 20 hours worth of content, plus the bonus 5 hours, so 25 hours, this can be as little as few hours per week dedicated to your training over a few months, should you like. Alternatively, you could finish it in 2 weeks.

+  What qualification do I get at the end of this course?

The training is Yoga Alliance Certified and approved by Yoga Alliance continuing education (YASEP), meaning the content is recognised as a professional and internationally recognised meditation and breath coach training. You will be taught to guide people through the breathing techniques and meditation practices that we teach you in this training. In order to verify your certificate you will need to register with Yoga Alliance via their website.

+ Do I need previous experience with meditation and breathwork


+ What if I can’t make the bonus live Q&A sessions?

You can watch the Q&A sessions on replay at any time in your private Facebook group. You have the ability to ask any questions in advance, if you can’t make the live Q and A sessions. These will then be picked up in the live sessions and answered for you. The lives are on Saturdays and will be at various times based upon different times zones to try and cater for the majority of students on the course.

+ How often will we be able to talk to the trainers

Through the live q and a sessions and also via the private FB group where we will give regular support, for 3 months from course inception.

+ What is the assessment of the course and when is it done

It’s done in module 6, at the end of the course. 

We assess you based upon an exam which is multi choice and also a video of you teaching a meditation technique and a video of you teaching a breathwork technique. You will do lost of practice teaching before this.

+ How do I register myself as a Meditation and Breathwork Coach via Yoga Alliance?

You will get a Breathwork and Meditation Certificate from The Escape Haven Method at the end of this course.
If you wish to have a yoga alliance qualification, you need to have a YTT 200 hour certificate. You can always add that at a later date, should you like and don’t need to have your YTT first. 20 Hours will also be added to any current YTT hours via the Yoga Alliance.

+ What platform is the course run on?

The course is hosted on your own private portal in learndash. You will be get your own unique log in and will be able to access the whole course on your laptop, phone or computer whenever you like.

+ Can I participate if I am pregnant?

Absolutely, this is pregnancy safe and you will be guided through any adjustments necessary.