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Maintaining the Retreat High: Post-Retreat Tips to Thrive

retreat high
Morning Yoga Meditation by the Beach

Retreats hold a certain kind of magic. If you have been to Escape Haven, or any other yoga or wellness retreat, you will know this. On retreat, it seems unbelievably easy to wake early brimming with energy. It is simple to eat healthy food and you don’t miss the less-than-healthy foods that may seem to sneak into your diet back home. It seems so easy to meditate and find that simple place of tranquility and peace. You feel relaxed and nourished, and therefore, you don’t feel the frustration or lack of patience that can accompany us all in daily life. You leave retreat with new goals, a fresh outlook on life, and feeling motivated with a healthy dose of inspiration.

How long does this state of bliss last?! Do you reach the airport? Can you carry the high through for a few more days once you reach home and get back to work? Returning home from any holiday or vacation always throws us into a head spin and it is common to feel a little flat and possibly a little lost. Returning home from a retreat can be somewhat of a greater challenge. A retreat changes you, in moves you, it awakens you. Insight, revelation and transformation are at the core of a retreat. While the breakthroughs can be somewhat unnerving in their own right, one of the greatest challenges of a retreat is how to succinctly carry home all that you have gained, and ensure it isn’t all left behind the moment you pass through customs.

As humans, we all too easily slip into routines, habits and ways of life that are familiar to us. No matter how desperately we want to cut the cord with these ways of being, they can be deeply ingrained in us. We attach to things that don’t always serve our highest self.

On retreat we are transported out of our everyday life and dropped into a blissful state of being, free from hassles, commitments and the humdrum of normal existence. We are nourished, heard, respected, pampered. We are invited to open up, we belong, we see reconnect with the version of ourselves that we wish was present all the time.

The goal is to find a coherent way to knit these two worlds together- to transfer this newfound existence into your existing daily arena. This requires determination, commitment and patience. To successfully translate everything you have gained on your retreat into your day to day life, you need an action plan. Here are some pointers to help you:

  •   While on retreat keep a journal. Try to write daily about your insights and revelations so you can go back and read this anytime once you are home if you need a reminder and refresher.
  •   Before leaving your retreat, make a list of all the things you have gained during your time away. Be specific and focus on the things that mean the most to you. Then look at how you can commit to these things once you return home.
  •   Make a list of the things you want to introduce (or reintroduce) into your life when you get home. Perhaps that is a daily meditation, a weekly yoga class, an art class, more time in nature, less time online, more plant-based meals. Be both specific and realistic, but also allow yourself to think big from this place of fresh motivation and commitment.
  •   Find a totem that represents your time away that you can take home with you that reminds you of everything you are and all you have gained. Perhaps this is a mala, a scarf, a bracelet, a journal, a beautiful dress- something you can keep hold of that reminds you of not only your time away, but the insights and emotions of the experience too. Bonus points for something that makes you feel really beautiful inside and out.
  •   Create a plan for a new daily routine that can support you. Taking a break allows you to come back into your daily life and look at it with fresh eyes and a new perspective. Let go of the things that don’t serve you and make way for new nourishing routines instead.
  •   Feel inspired, but not overwhelmed. There will be a period of adjustment and getting angry at yourself or impatient with yourself isn’t the answer. It’s not as easy to find joy and freedom in our day to day lives as it is in a new and inspiring place. It’s not as easy to commit to a daily practice when it’s not scheduled for you. It’s not as simple to meditate at home as it is in an open-air yoga shala or temple. It’s not as common to have major insights daily when you’re at work. It’s not as easy to eat well when no one is serving you gourmet healthy meals three times a day.  And that’s ok. The key is to find a balance. To stay committed to self-development and transformation, while accepting that day to day life comes with commitments and responsibilities too.

One of the reasons why we welcome so many return guests to Escape Haven is that committing to a yearly retreat is a wonderful way to keep reinforcing these goals and staying connected to yourself and your dreams. Setting aside time each year to reflect, refresh and gain new perspective can be an incredibly powerful gift to give yourself. We hope these pointers make your transition back to the ‘real world’ much easier and allow you to utilise all that you gain during your retreat experience. Ready to book your first Bali yoga retreat or give yourself a Bali retreat top-up?! Contact us and allow us to help you on your way.  

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